5 Best Hourly Jobs for Gamers

Check out these five hourly jobs for gamers. Put your gaming knowledge to work and earn a good hourly salary doing what you love. 

Alex M |
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Do you know your way around any gaming console? Do you obsess about Twitch streams all day? Has your gaming name become your real-world nickname?


Companies are looking for passionate, hardcore gamers like you to join their ranks. 

Best of all, you’re free to be nerdy and loud about it at work! Work with people who like Fortnite and Doom as much as you do. 

Heck, you can even display your Assassin’s Creed action figures at your desk if you want. 

Check out these five hourly jobs for gamers. Put your gaming knowledge to work and earn a good hourly salary doing what you love. 

The best hourly jobs for gamers

1. Game tester

Hours of development go into your favorite games. User testing is an essential part of rolling out a successful, bug-free game. 

But game companies don’t have the resources to play a 100-hour storyline themselves. That’s where game testers come in. 

Game testers can work full-time or part-time on an hourly basis. It’s great if you have a degree in software or computers, but that’s not required. What matters is that you know your way around video games. 

Successful game testers are able to divvy out constructive feedback, so communication skills are necessary. You don’t want to unleash a battery of complaints about a game if you expect to be employed for very long! 

Instead, focus on bug fixes and helpful feedback. It’s important to note what you like about the gameplay, too, so developers know what to keep in future iterations. 

2. Video game design

Do you have an eye for design? Gaming companies need your creativity and gaming experience to create eye-catching experiences for their customers. 

Video game designers create the immersive worlds within video games. You may need a degree for hourly video game design jobs, but many companies will hire you based on your portfolio and experience, too. 

As a video game designer, you’ll create the graphics that make up the game. You’ll need to know your way around programming languages like C++. Experience with animation is a plus, too. 

3. Software development

Have a hand in the next generation of gaming with your programming skills. 

Software developers transform a video game designer’s art into reality. They’re the folks plugging in the ones and zeroes to give a game its functionality. 

You don’t need a degree to be a software developer, but it certainly helps. This hourly job is high-paying and gives you a chance to peek behind the curtain at video game development. 

4. Technical support

It’s cool if you aren’t into programming. If you want to talk shop all day about video games, companies need savvy, experienced gamers to do technical support. 

Large companies like Sony and EA need reps manning customer service to answer gamers’ questions. 

If you have decent people skills and a love of gaming, you’re perfect for technical support. It helps to have surface-level knowledge of the game’s back-end settings, but your employer will usually train you. 

5. Retail support

Stores like Gamestop need knowledgeable staff to stock shelves, run the cash register and chat with customers. 

Keep your finger on the pulse of the video game industry, score sick employee discounts and spend your day with other avid gamers. 

Are you ready, player one?

Your parents probably have said at one point, “Video games won’t help you get a job.” 

Well, this is proof they were wrong. Sorry, Mom and Dad! 

Translate your love of gaming into a high-paying hourly job. Work in an environment that welcomes Deadpool t-shirts and Pikachu action figures while earning a paycheck. 

Be sure to set goals and chat with your supervisor once you get your hourly job. That’s how you turn a gig into a career!