Best Sports Companies to Work For: The Top 5

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Hourly jobs like data entry and telemarketing pay the bills, but they don’t always leave room to pursue your passions. 

If you can’t stop talking about sports, you tune into ESPN on your lunch hour or you know your team’s roster by heart, you should use that passion to find a new job. Plenty of companies need sports fans like you in their ranks.

Land a sports-friendly career talking about what you love best—and boost your bank account in the process. 

5 hourly jobs for sports lovers

Get involved with your local sports team or association with these five hourly job opportunities. Work full-time as a career or part-time as a way to have fun and pay the bills. 

1. Physical therapist

Help athletes get back on the field faster with a career as a physical therapist. This job pays an average of $41/hour, which is no small sum.

Keep in mind that you do need a degree in sports medicine to be a physical therapist. They aren’t going to let you pop athletes’ shoulders into place without experience!

As a physical therapist, you can either work at a rehab center for athletes or as a dedicated PT for a local sports team. 

2. Athletic trainer

Can you shred pounds and build muscle like it’s no biggie? Great! You’ve got a promising future as an athletic trainer. Former jocks will excel in this hourly job in the sports industry, which averages $19 an hour. 

As an athletic trainer, you’ll push athletes to their limits and help them stay safe as they train and prepare for the next big game. Whether you work for a sports team or at a gym, you’ll be on your feet and moving all day at this fast-paced and fun job. 

You’ll need a relevant degree in physical therapy or exercise science to be a trainer. You’ll also need to pass your state’s accreditation test to make sure you’re legit. 

3. Sports journalism and photography

Use your enthusiasm for sports to earn a living with sports journalism. Sports journalists earn $35/hour while photographers earn $300+ per assignment. 

You don’t necessarily need a degree for this job, either. A degree will get your foot (or cleat, we should say) in the door, but what matters is your skill and experience. 

You can become a sports journalist for a local newspaper or on behalf of a team. Either way, you’ll get to be on the field next to the action at sporting events! Document the game and share the excitement with other sports lovers. 

4. Sports agent

You know how celebrities have agents? Athletes do, too! Sports agents represent athletes for all things business, dealing with contracts, schedules and the media. 

This hourly job isn't for the faint of heart, though. It helps to be a keen negotiator with a fierce loyalty to your athletes. You’ll need a degree in sports management or business to cut the mustard with this job, sports lover. 

Sports agents make their living on commission. Depending on the amount of the contracts you’re signing, you’ll earn 2-3%. If you’ve got a high-profile athlete under your wing, you could earn $400/hour, although entry-level earnings are more like $25/hour.  

5. Nutritionist

Athletes need to fuel their bodies with the right foods to stay strong. But it’s not always easy knowing whether a keto bacon bowl is good for you or just a delicious fad. 

Become a nutritionist to formulate and cook healthy, body-boosting meals for athletes. You’ll not only earn an average of $22/hour but also rub elbows with athletes. 

You’ll need a bachelor's degree in nutrition to score this job. A love of clean eating and cooking are musts, too. 

Knock your job search out of the park

Feel free to talk shop around the watercooler with these hourly sports jobs. Make a good living doing what you love, surrounded by folks who are just as nuts about yesterday’s game as you are. 

But uh, don’t spend too much time at that watercooler. You always want to prove your worth as a new employee, especially when your job is training you.