5 reasons why a delivery driver is crucial to your business.

Tom Quinn
Tom (he/him) is a growth marketing manager at Snagajob helping small businesses find hourly workers.

Customers now more than expect quick and efficient delivery of their purchases, and anything else will impact their perception of your business. Hiring the right delivery driver can mean the difference between a happy, repeat customer and a lost sale. Here are the top 5 reasons you need a great delivery driver to represent your business. 

1. Serve more customers

The first and most obvious reason to hire a delivery driver is to serve more customers. No matter how successful your business is, customers won’t always be able to come to your brick-and-mortar store. Hiring a delivery driver bridges that gap and lets you serve a wider range of customers.

2. Tap into an emerging market

Delivery services are hugely popular with young consumers. According to a study by the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, one-fifth of Millennials and one-quarter of Gen Z consumers order takeout three to four times a week, compared to only 6% of baby boomers. Hiring a delivery driver allows you to take advantage of that trend on your own terms.

3. Save money on third-party delivery

Many small businesses are already fulfilling delivery orders through third-party suppliers. Typical third-party suppliers include UPS and Hermes for retail products and UberEats and Postmates for food service. Unfortunately, the convenience of these companies comes at a price: usually 15-30% in commission fees. Hiring your own delivery driver comes with costs, but sources suggest it’s almost 50% cheaper than regularly relying on third-party suppliers.

4. Supplement in-store staff

If you’re not convinced that you’ll fulfill enough deliveries for a dedicated delivery driver, remember that they can double up as support staff for your brick-and-mortar business. You may find that hiring a store assistant with skills in driving and delivery is a cost-effective way of increasing your delivery capabilities and supplementing your in-store staff at the same time. Think about what skills both roles need and find a candidate with transferable skills that work across a few roles. 

5. Continue serving customers through the pandemic

With COVID-19 not totally in the rearview mirror,  delivery services are still essential. Even if your state has lifted restrictions on retail stores and restaurants, there will be customers who won’t be comfortable returning to brick-and-mortar establishments, maybe not for a very long time. Hiring a delivery driver helps you continue serving those wary customers and prepares your business for future lockdowns.

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