9 employers that pay $15+ an hour

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Who here is avoiding checking their bank account and sick of trying to make ends meet? Don’t you think it’s time to start earning more at work? Ahem, louder for the people in the back.  

We've got you covered with nine employers who pay $15+ an hour.

Also, a little research goes a long way, so we’ve included some “pro tips” to make you stand out in interviews! 


If you're looking into the grocery game and want to start making that green, take a look for jobs at Kroger. In March 2021, Kroger announced it will invest to bring the minimum wage up to $16 an hour by the end of the year. The hourly rate ends up being closer to $20 an hour if you include healthcare and 401(k), which many other companies don't offer. Kroger prides itself on being a great place to work with plenty of opportunities to grow. 

Pro tip: Kroger is proud to sell organic produce and passionate about quality foods. Make sure to come prepared with your favorite things to buy from Kroger or to talk about your favorite foods. If you’ve never been to one, it’s a good idea to go do a shopping trip and see what they’re all about. 

Whole Foods 

Similar to Kroger, if you like to cook or are interested in learning more about food, Whole Foods would be a great place to work and make a better hourly wage. In 2018, Whole Foods raised its base pay to $15 an hour. 

With an acceptance rate lower than Harvard and over 1.5 million incoming applications per year, scoring an interview with Whole Foods is a big deal! If you’re one of the lucky ones to get an interview, be sure to do your research to truly understand company values and culture. 

Pro tip: Let them know you’re interested in organic foods and helping the environment, or tell them that's something you want to learn more about! So get started now and start singing down the aisle.  


If you’re more interested in warehouse work, Amazon has joined the list of businesses providing $15 an hour. Whether you're trying to break into the industry or have been overseeing deliveries for years, there are tons of job postings that are waiting for you. 

This job is great for introverts or people who don't mind working alone for many hours. You can move up the ranks quickly if you show up and do a good job. 

Pro tip: Amazon hires pretty quickly, so don’t stress the interview too much. But once you’ve got the job, earn more cash by signing up for the wellness incentive. The job is really physical so you can get in shape while you work and make more money. 


Wayfair is currently looking for a range of roles. On top of paying employees $15 an hour, they also offer pretty sweet benefits. Employees get 60% to 70% discounts on products so get ready to uplevel your furniture game! 

Pro tip: If you land an interview with Wayfair be sure to mention the 'Dinner To Go' program. ‘Dinner To Go’ provided Wayfair’s frontline employees with two free, family-sized meals each week from local, family-owned restaurants amid the difficult months of the pandemic. This could be a good way to talk about how the company clearly takes care of its employees and aligns with your values.


Good benefits and high pay, what's not to love?  There are also fun add-ons like shopping after hours when the whole store is empty, and employees have access to free samples!

Pro tip: Employers love to hear how much you know about their company. When asked “Why do you want to work at Costco?” tell them, Costco has the most highly motivated and happy employees in the U.S. and was named America’s Best Employer. Probably for the reasons we listed above. Or you could tell them about Costco products you love.


It's hard not to love Target. It has great toys and gifts, nice housewares and the cutest mascot out there. Working at Target is a great way to learn about retail, gain a huge range of skills, and get paid pretty well while you're at it. They also offer a 10% in-store discount on everything from groceries to throw pillows. 

Pro tip: Target will want to know why you want to work there and not a competitor. You can focus on the Target brand and that you think it’s one of the best shopping experiences out there, or you can also tell them how the location or job fits well into your life and add a few reasons why. The best thing is to come prepared with some answers. 

Best Buy

Best Buy recently joined the list of companies paying $15 an hour. If you're into tech, this is the spot to be. You’ll be the first to see and learn about new phones and tech products the minute they come out. Best Buy also offers good health benefits, flexible hours, and discounts on new computers, phones, and all in-store products. It's also a great place to develop your communication skills and learn to work with people from all walks of life that come into the store looking for help. 

Pro tip: Make sure you brush up on your tech knowledge and have a few products in mind to talk about in the interview. Even just mentioning why you love your phone or computer!

Ben and Jerry's

Strong advocates of social justice, Ben and Jerry's show up for their employees. Great pay, benefits and so much ice cream. Employees get to take home 3 pints of ice cream every shift! You also get to show off your creative skills and suggest names for upcoming flavors. 

Pro tip: Should you move to an interview, Ben and Jerry's cares about attitude, so be sure to be upbeat and cheery and show you'd provide an excellent experience for their customers. 


Walmart has also increased its hourly pay to $15 an hour. They are known for good benefits like professional training, academic opportunities, and medical and dental insurance. While not as competitive as a few of the other employers listed, it’s still probably worth a peek at job openings if you live on one of the coasts. 

Pro tip: If asked “Why Walmart?” in an interview, bring up how low prices are at Walmart and that people from all income levels can have access to the products they need. 

We know that job searching is hard. But keep an eye out for jobs from these employers, and hopefully, you'll land a job that offers good perks and good pay. 

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