Cheap Interview Clothes That Look Professional

Sure, you can show up late to your interview wearing jeans and a t-shirt…

If you want someone else to get the job.

Making a great impression at interviews is critical: chances are you’re qualified and just one step away from getting hired. But that one step is impressing the hiring manager, and to do that you need to present yourself as professionally as possible.

The right move is to dress up. Always dress (at least) a step above company dress code. When in doubt, suit up! Don’t think you have the budget to make a great impression? Think again. A great interview outfit is as close as your local thrift store. Need thrifty shopping tips? I’ve got you covered.

Now let’s check out the great interview outfits I discovered at the Goodwill near Snagajob.

Interview clothes under $20

Outfit 1: Men’s suit set

This outfit is an interview classic. This day, our Goodwill didn’t have many matched suit sets (a common drawback to shopping at thrift stores), but there are usually enough black suit jackets and dress pants to let you pick up separates that work together. The shirt and tie are subtle but match well and add some zing with pattern and texture

Outfit 2: Women’s pants suit set

This outfit hits all the right professional high notes. Ladies, note the closed-toe shoes and tailored pants suit from New York & Co, paired with a long sleeved button down. Not only will this outfit help you rock your interview, it will also be able to be worn as separates.

Outfit 3: Men’s shirt & tie classic combo

When you absolutely can’t find a jacket, don’t panic: A tailored button down shirt, snazzy tie and black dress slacks will still get you through. This classy combo is sure to impress – and it doesn’t hurt that blue is a color that subconsciously speaks of loyalty and dependability!

Outfit 4: Women’s pants suit set

Loafer heels may seem a bit severe for this lightweight pants suit and Nine West pinstriped shirt, but you can wear black close toed shoes with almost any outfit. Besides, once your interview is over and you’ve dazzled the hiring manager with your professional prowess, you can pair the shirt and shoes with nice jeans for a fab business casual outfit.

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Amy Culver |
Amy is our Lead Copywriter at Snagajob, where she loves to use her word nerd powers to help workers and employers connect. Her first hourly job was as a cashier at Chick-fil-a.