Best Jobs for College Students

Billy Walsh |

College is not only the perfect time to boost your skills, but to understand what full-time career you want after you graduate. If you want real-world experience and a fatter bank account, it’s time to find a gig that meshes well with your class schedule. 

Check out these eight part-time jobs that are flexible, interesting and well-paying so you can stack even more cash before graduation.

1. Barista

You’re in college, so 40% of your blood is probably made of coffee, anyway. Why not get a job at a coffee shop? Places like Starbucks need reliable baristas, who earn around $10 - $15/hour. 

Best of all, you’ll earn perks like free coffee to keep you going during your late-night study sessions. 

2. Administrative assistant

People don’t think of this as a college job, but administrative work has very flexible hours! Small businesses sometimes need help answering emails or filing, but only for a set number of hours each week. 

Work for a small business or even an academic department on campus as an assistant. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, you could also become a virtual assistant, working from the comfort of your computer screen when you aren’t in class. 

3. Brand ambassador

Businesses need energetic, reliable brand ambassadors to spread the word about their company. You’ll get training, tons of free samples, extra money and sometimes a company car to promote your brand all across town. Some brands specifically hire college students to promote on campus, so you might not even need a car!

4. Tour guide

This is an awesome job that you can do without leaving campus! Colleges need experienced students to guide prospective students and parents around campus. 

This job is a breeze if you're a whiz at trivia. Answer questions, get some exercise and interact with large groups of people while earning extra cash to pay your bills.

5. Data entry

Are you skilled with a computer keyboard? Great! Companies need fast typers to do remote data entry. Work when it’s most convenient for you and set your own schedule. You don’t even need to put on pants for this job, so it’s the perfect option for busy college students. 

6. Social media management

You’re probably on Instagram a few hours a week anyway; why not get paid for it? Companies need social media-savvy workers to manage their social presence. 

Chat with local businesses and offer your services. Once you find a few clients, you’ll write and schedule social posts for them as well as reply to comments and messages. 

7. Lifeguard

Lifeguard jobs are typically just for the summer months, but you may be able to find a gig at a local indoor pool. You can also ask your university if their pool needs lifeguards. 

You’ll need to undergo certification to become a lifeguard, but you’ll start earning $15/hour right out of the gate. Keep people safe and get a little exercise while earning good money with this gig. 

8. Bank teller

You might be a broke college kid now, but touching money all day might help you feel … less broke? 

Well, maybe not, but bank teller jobs are stable and have flexible hours. You’ll need to be a bit more buttoned-up than, say, a barista, but you get to work in the air conditioning all day. This is a great college job if you want a future career in the finance industry, too. 

The bottom line

College is your chance to try out different career paths. Dip your toes into these eight jobs for college students to find the gig that works best for you. You never know—you might find your post-grad calling!

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