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Best Seasonal Jobs with Benefits

It’s a common dilemma for anyone going to college or in a transitional season of life.

You need to focus on school and earn great grades, but life requires that green thing called money. You can’t swing working full-time and going to school. But what if something catastrophic happens? You need a solution, aka a part-time job with benefits!

Whatever the case, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you’re not alone.

Today we’re looking at what companies offer decent benefits for their part-time and seasonal workers (yes—seasonal). Though we all love a good perk, benefits are more than perks and discounts. Employer benefits usually include health insurance, dental or vision coverage and 401(k) plans. All these are important because hey, life happens!

Seasonal jobs are more than just summer jobs. When seasonal sales are predicted to be higher than normal, this is when you’ll find more job postings for seasonal retail sales associates and temporary job opportunities. You can find them at any time of year and most require no more than a high school diploma. 

Seasonal Retail Jobs


Often when you think of seasonal work, you automatically think the winter months and holidays. This is not the case for Lowe’s. Being a home improvement store, most of its seasonal employment lasts from March to September and include positions like cashiers, garden and lawn associates, stockers and product assemblers. According to Lowe’s, it offers its part-time, seasonal employees the opportunity to take advantage of health and wellness benefits, incentive programs, 401(k), a discounted stock purchase plan, tuition reimbursement and flexible work schedules, including the ability to see their schedule 17 days in advance. 

In fact, in 2018, about 200 of Lowe’s current store managers started as seasonal employees and nearly 40% of the company’s 2017 seasonal employees moved into permanent part-time or full-time positions. How’s that for moving up the ladder?


If you need flexibility in your part-time work schedule, take a look at Macy’s during the holidays. This giant retail chain hired around 80,000 seasonal employees in 2018 with positions ranging from serving customers on the store floor to working in one of its distribution or call centers. One benefit Macy’s offers most of its employees, including seasonal employees, is its Path to Growth Incentive. This is a unique plan that aligns with each worker’s area of expertise and that employee can earn the incentive every quarter if they achieve the goals. 


A business centered on its warehouse operations, Costco offers a wide range of job opportunities. Be aware that many jobs are physically demanding or require you to be on your feet because of the warehouse setting. According to former seasonal employees on job review sites, the pay is competitive and benefits such as dental, vision, health and 401(k) are available to part-time employees after 90 days. 

Bonus: Costco prides itself on the fact that it rewards employees for loyalty and hard work.  Most of its management teams are promoted from within.


Do love the outdoors and adventure? REI might be the place for you to work seasonally! Benefits are given to part-time employees working 20 or more hours per week. Benefits include health care, store discounts, retirement plan contributions, public transit help, paid sabbaticals, adoption assistance and more. If you value a healthy work/life balance, this could be the perfect fit. REI publicly states time off is an important part of its culture. 

Bonus: Hate the thought of working Black Friday? REI has closed its doors the last three years with its Opt Outside day!

Seasonal Food Industry Jobs


This iconic national handcrafted coffee and drink chain isn’t just known for its coffee. You may have heard how it offers great benefits to its part-time “partners”, aka employees. As Starbucks stores across the country gear up for a busy holiday season and longer hours, you may consider a job here if you’ve got a deep love for your daily cup o’ joe. 

Benefits for eligible part-time employees include 100% tuition coverage to earn a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University’s online program, parental leave, adoption-expense reimbursement up to $10,000, health insurance coverage (medical, dental, vision), life insurance and more. 

Fun fact: Eligible employees get to take home a pound of free coffee each week and get free access to a Spotify Premium Subscription. 

Seasonal Mail or Package Delivery Jobs

The steady growth of online shopping and 2-day shipping means a higher demand for postal service workers in the mail world. Lucky for you, this means more seasonal jobs as the holidays hit. 


The brown truck delivery service that brings you your Amazon package might just be your next pick for seasonal work when you hear this. According to Business Insider, UPS hired a third of its 100,000 seasonal employees for permanent roles last year. While UPS doesn't offer full benefits for its seasonal associates, it does offer health insurance and retirement options for part-time employees. We suggest searching for a job title that includes "part-time" if you're looking here for seasonal work.

Fun Fact:  Want the job title of CEO one day? UPS' current CEO started as a package loader while trying to earn money for his college education. 


Last year, FedEx created around 55,000 seasonal holiday jobs. Like other companies, the possibility of getting a permanent position after working seasonally is promising. FedEx sweetens the deal for its part-time employees with benefits such as health care coverage, including medical, dental and vision along with a 401(k) matching program. Employees working toward a bachelor’s degree may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. 

If you’re not sure a part-time seasonal job is worth it, remember seasonal work is better than no work. Seasonal jobs are a great way to beef up that resume of yours, learn new skills while getting paid and see what work you enjoy or don’t enjoy. The great thing about seasonal jobs is they aren’t forever. They may lead to full-time jobs in the future if you work well with the company, though! Read more about how to turn a seasonal job into a full-time job here.

Another great reason to grab a seasonal job? They let you network and make connections with managers, business owners or co-workers. When you’re trying to find a job, it’s all about who you know. Take advantage of this even in seasonal employment. You never know who you might meet on the clock. That person may give you a foot in the door to your future dream job!

Ready to find that perfect seasonal job with benefits? Make it easy on yourself. Create a profile on Snagajob and set up job alerts to be notified when they’re posted. 

Katy Boyles |
Katy is our Social Media Manager at Snagajob, where she loves talking to hourly workers and employers all day long. Her first hourly job was as a hostess.