4 Part-Time Jobs for Business Majors

Amy Culver
Amy is our Lead Copywriter at Snagajob, where she loves to use her word nerd powers to help workers and employers connect. Her first hourly job was as a cashier at Chick-fil-a.

Business majors, listen up: a part-time student job can lay the groundwork for your future. The best student jobs not only make you money now, but also help you get the experience you need for after graduation. Here are some student job best bets for business majors.

Administrative jobs

A great student job for the business-savvy college student is as an administrative assistant. Depending on where you work, you may be responsible for everything from answering phones to planning business trips. While you may not be making important business decisions just yet, you will be getting some valuable first-hand experience about budgeting, organization and communication. You'll have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of corporate life on a day-to-day level - something most students won't get until after graduation. Do this student job well and the payoff will be real-world knowledge that will help you out in school. Plus, you'll be making some great contacts who are already established in the business world.

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Customer service jobs

Entire corporations succeed (and sometimes fail) on the strength of their customer service. That’s why customer service jobs are great experience for business majors. You'll be the frontline face of the company you work for, helping people solve problems in a variety of situations. Customer service representatives must be cool under pressure and must genuinely like working with people. Hearing about problems and issues firsthand from customers will make you a more sympathetic businessperson. It will also help you to think critically about how to make any company you work for more customer-friendly. You'll find customer service student job opportunities in offices, call centers and stores.

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Restaurant jobs

restaurant job is also a great pick for a student job. It's a lot like customer service - you need to be courteous, friendly, and good with people. Restaurant jobs also teach you how to be a successful salesperson. Ask a veteran server to teach you the secrets of getting bigger tips!
Student jobs in restaurants offer lots of business opportunities - if you know where to look for them. Remember, the owner of the restaurant you work for is a small-business owner with with a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge. The managers will likely have years of experience working with spreadsheets, dealing with money, and managing employees. Let your boss know you have a knack for numbers and you might be able to take on some of the restaurant's budgeting and planning responsibilities.

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Retail jobs

Retail student jobs will teach you all about sales, marketing and branding while you get an insider's look at the behind-the-scenes operations of a major company. Pay close attention to how and why items are sold in the store. Ask questions of your managers - remember, this is a learning experience. An enterprising business student can work his or her way up from cashier to manager, getting real-world experience that will come in handy when it comes time to get a full-time job after graduation. Not only will you learn a lot about the retail world, you'll get a great employee discount on your first business wardrobe!