Find the perfect job with Snagajob's new search filters

Searching for jobs on Snagajob has recently gotten the upgrade you’ve been asking for: search filters. Now there are more ways for you to fine-tune your job hunt to find just what you’re looking for. Now you can search based on: 

  • Schedule

  • Experience required

  • Distance from a specific location

  • Pay range

  • And more!

Visit the Snagajob search page and type in a search keyword (like a job title you want or a company you want to work for) and the zip code you want to search in. On the results page, you’ll see a filter icon near the word “filter.” Click that, and you’re in business!

Whether you are looking for a “no experience required” role right next door, or a full-time job that will pay you more for your years of experience, our new filters make it easy to find your perfect match.

Power up your job search

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