Hourly workers are re-thinking priorities in summer work

Darrell Jones |
Darrell is Snagajob’s Manager of Content & Copywriting, where he enjoys writing and editing advice that helps workers and businesses align and succeed. His first hourly job was totally chill, bagging ice at an ice cube f-f-f-factory.

It’s no longer a given that the almighty paycheck trumps all in seasonal hiring. 

As the great reshuffle continues, new thinking has surfaced for workers. We surveyed nearly 3,000 hourly workers, asking for the 3 things they look for first when applying for a job. Here’s what they said:

77% - Pay rate

67% - Location

66% - Flexible hours

What can you do to align with changing priorities?

1. Compare what your competition is paying, and bump that up as much as you’re comfortable with.

 Nearly 14% of our respondents reported making between $15 and $15.99 in their previous job. 

2. Stress flexibility. 

Beyond a flexible work schedule, allow work from home for some tasks, rotating jobs, and let people be flexible in how they dress or who they work with.

3. Emphasize your location.

Give people your business’s address, and also mention the nearest freeway exit and cross streets. Public transportation tips are nice too, as well as accessibility provided.

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