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How to find a great catering manager for your small business

After the holiday season, many businesses cut ties with their catering managers. Which means the next few months is practically free agency for you to find your next great catering manager. Here are some tips for finding one.

If you own a company that specializes in food and beverages, you may have tried catering a few events. Perhaps catering is a small part of your business. Perhaps it’s a major part. Perhaps it’s the only part! 

Regardless of your business, there’s a good chance you need a catering manager, someone who can guide your catering staff while taking a time-consuming responsibility off your desk. 

What is a Catering Manager? 

A catering manager is a fairly self-explanatory job. This is simply someone who oversees all catering activities. Specific duties will vary depending on your business, but they may include: 

  • Managing a catering budget

  • Meeting with clients before a catered event

  • Hiring catering staff

  • Ordering food, drinks, and supplies for an event

  • Selecting locations and layout for tables and chairs

  • Checking food safety

  • Assigning roles to staff (Who will serve drinks, who will clear tables, etc.) 

  • Guiding cleanup

What Skills are Required to Be a Good Catering Manager? 

A good manager can make your catering service thrive. But they need a variety of skills and characteristics that make them effective leaders for your catering team. 

As far as qualifications, a lot will depend on how much you are willing to pay and what you expect from a catering manager. Many catering managers have bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management, business administration, culinary arts, or a similar field. 

Education, however, is not a requirement. There are many outstanding job candidates who have been educated not in the classroom, but on the job. Most catering managers will have at least three years of experience working in catering and food service. 

Customer service is one of the most important skills you should look for when hiring a good catering manager. These professionals often act as the face of your company, so make sure they are friendly, welcoming, and polite. 

A catering manager should also be organized. There will be dozens of foods, a variety of drinks, seating arraignments, assignments, and countless small details. A catering manager should be well organized to keep everything in it’s proper place.

When the catered event comes, there are many moving parts, unknown situations, and numerous problems. A catering manager who is organized calm and collected throughout the chaos of an event is going to guide the event to a successful end. 

The Benefits of Hiring Good Catering Manager

When you hire someone to fill your catering manager job, you can take a major burden off your shoulders. While you need to make sure they are fulfilling their catering manager responsibilities, you’ll free up more time for overseeing other aspects of your business. 

A catering manager could even improve your catering services, making this part of your business even more profitable. When they deliver an outstanding catered event, people will spread the word and more clients may come to you for a wedding, holiday party, or birthday. This could mean more catering, more profits, and more chances to expand your business. 

How to Find the Right Catering Manager

Finding the perfect catering manager can be tough, but if you take your time, stay patient throughout the process, and look for the right manager, you can hire the perfect candidate. 

Your next catering manager may already be working for you. Think about your current staff. Is there anyone on your team that understands your business, stays calm and positive during any situations, and has a knack for organization? Perhaps they could be your next catering manager. 

If you can’t find someone internally, you may have to look outside the company. We would encourage you to go through multiple rounds of interviews before making the final hire. Hopefully the catering manager you select will be with you for years, so it will pay in the long run to perform a comprehensive search and interview potential hires multiple times. 

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Tom (he/him) is a growth marketing manager at Snagajob helping small businesses find hourly workers.