How to get the best workers in a changing economy

Alex Woodward |
Alex is a Growth Marketing Manager at Snagajob, where she works with sales to help connect businesses with the right workers. Her first hourly job was as a barista at Caribou Coffee.

How to get the best workers in a changing economy

The details of hiring top-quality employees may be evolving, but the fundamental principles are still the same. By taking your time, thinking long term and using a detailed screening process, you’ll attract highly-qualified candidates that can increase productivity, improve customer experience and help grow your business.

These principles are timeless, but in today’s work environment, hiring takes the form of two broad categories: in-house employees (either part- or full-time) and freelance gig workers. To attract the best of both, you need the right strategy.

How to attract traditional employees in the current environment

Match and pass the going rate

Especially in retail, customer service, restaurant and similar industries, it can be tempting to hire at low wages and fully expect (and accept) high turnover rates. But if you want to attract the best, and have them stick around, pay more than the going rate. Consider this an investment, as higher pay can reduce the high cost of turnover, so you won’t spend as much time and money looking for candidates.

Offer employee benefits and flexibility to show your dedication

Great pay is important, but people also appreciate working for companies that value their wellbeing and quality of life. Incentivize healthy living (which could increase productivity), and, whenever possible, allow for flexible scheduling that allows employees to live the lifestyle they prefer.


Include upward mobility as part of your job description

Everyone wants to feel they have a chance at growing with the company. You may be hiring for a ground-level position, but make it clear that this job brings the very real possibility for upward promotion.

Keep an eye out for passive candidates

“Passive job candidates” are people who may not be looking for a new employer, but would certainly consider moving if the right job was presented. Always keep an eye for talented people who could be enticed to join your team.

Take your time and hire for the long term

In high-turnover service businesses, where employees come and go at a rapid pace, it’s tempting to speed through the hiring process. But you should never rush a hire; if you want the best employees, take your time to screen and interview candidates to make sure you choose the right worker.

How to attract workers in the gig economy

Freelancers, gig workers, remote contractors; whatever you call them, these flexible workers can bring sustained success to your company. That is, if you hire the right one and give them reasons to come back. 


Describe what you want thoroughly, but don’t ramble

Gig-economy workers are busy, too; when looking at a job description, they want to know what you need, how you expect them to do that and what their role will be. A five-word job description won’t give them enough information, but they also won’t read through long-winded pages detailing every aspect of your project and your business. Stick to the important details—you can describe the rest later in the hiring process.

Pay top dollar for top talent

Hiring a freelancer can certainly shave your total expenses, but don’t expect to hire at bottom-line prices and get top-notch results. Screen excessively, pay for quality and watch the results roll in. 

Make their work interesting

Pay matters to all contractors, but they also want jobs that are mentally stimulating and interesting. Create projects that freelancers will find interesting and you’ll see more high-quality workers flocking to your company.

Don’t air past worker failures

“Have hired multiple people, but results were poor. Seeking a qualified professional to fix the problem.” Does that sound like a project you want to work on? Savvy freelancers will look at that description and (reasonably?) assume that the problem may not have been with the past workers, but the hiring client. Stay positive, energetic, and forward-looking with all of your descriptions.


The right talent is key to your success. Use these tips and you’ll increase your chances of hiring a highly-qualified worker who aligns with your business goals!

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