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How to save money on your job hunt

Finding a job shouldn’t cost you! There’s plenty of advice on creating a resume, searching for a job, interview tips, you name it. But the issue that’s rarely brought up is how expensive finding a job can be. Think about it, there’s money associated with every step in the hiring process. To find a job you need the internet and access to a phone or computer. Once you’ve landed an interview you have to factor in transportation costs, childcare, an interview outfit. And multiply this by however many interviews you’re invited to attend. You get it—the cost can quickly add up. 

Here are our favorite ways to save money on your job hunt:

  • Locate the closest free WiFi
    We’re in the middle of a global pandemic with over 20 million Americans on unemployment. Times are tough, and that’s an understatement. When you’re fighting to keep the lights on and rent paid, your phone and internet bill have likely been cut to save cost. That’s okay!

    Find the closest spot near you with free WiFi. Starbucks, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, public libraries, even some public parks. The closer the better, and if possible indoors—it’s winter and cold! Set aside time every day to stop by and continue your job hunt.

  • Save money on your interview outfit
    You do not need to buy anything new. All you need is one or two outfits dedicated to interviews. Search through your closet for pieces you can use or ask a friend or family member to borrow something. You can create two interview looks with one nice pair of pants and two long sleeve shirts. If you can’t find or borrow something, head to a local thrift shop. Goodwill and The Salvation Army are great options.

    Again, do not feel pressured to buy a new fancy outfit! The hiring manager is going to care more about your confidence and how you present yourself than what you are wearing.

  • Cut down on transportation costs
    Getting to the actual interview can turn expensive quickly. There’s gas, car payments, public transportation fees, and potentially parking. There are several ways to cut down on transportation costs.

    Apply close to home so you aren’t traveling far. You can search available jobs by your zip code on Snagajob, but did you also know you can search by your pinpoint location in the Snagajob app?! The closer you are, the greater the chance you can ask a friend for a ride or even walk.

    You can also ask if an initial phone or video interview is possible. This might feel weird, but we promise it’s not! Employers are flexible with interviews due to the pandemic. 

There are enough things to worry and stress about right now. You shouldn’t be concerned about how you are going to afford to find a new job. Use these tips to be strategic in your job search to avoid spending extra money.  

Katy Boyles |
Katy is our Social Media Manager at Snagajob, where she loves talking to hourly workers and employers all day long. Her first hourly job was as a hostess.