Inflation has hourly workers eager to find holiday jobs

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With inflation skyrocketing at 8.5%, yet wages lagging behind at a mere 3.3% clip, it’s no wonder hourly workers in the US are scrambling to make ends meet.

In our recent survey of over 3,700 hourly workers, they’ve told us in no uncertain terms that they’re getting squeezed. 

In fact, our Holiday Hiring Report 2022 shows that workers are clearly ready, willing, and able to return to the workforce ASAP, and even take a second or third seasonal job.

57% are interested in seasonal work (but not sure they’ll get one)

25% of hourly workers are now working multiple jobs

54% report they’re not getting enough hours at their current job

How you can hire these eager holiday job seekers

1. Understand today’s seismic shift in worker expectations

True, inflation is motivating workers to find holiday jobs. But, nationwide there are still 2 open jobs for every 1 job seeker. They still have the upper hand, so you have to stand out if you want to find, hire, and retain their talents. This includes offering above-market wages, benefits like weekly payouts (requested by 69% of hourly workers), and flexibility in everything from scheduling to dress code.

2. Realize that the 2022 holidays are trending towards younger workers

This year there are going to be a lot of much younger workers applying. A full 19% of those looking for holiday jobs are under 18, and 16% are Generation Z (roughly 18-24). With the pandemic keeping younger workers out of the market lately, it makes sense that 40% report they’ve never had a prior holiday job. Be sure to expand your available pool to include these young workers who may not have direct experience. Look first for the soft skills required and you can always teach them how to work a machine or complete a specific task. Also, stressing company culture is important in job posts to today’s socially conscious younger workers, as they want shared values. And, because they lack workplace experience, set clear expectations and ease workers into their roles. It’s all new to them.

3. Get the most from all workers (even existing ones)

Note these two critical statistics from our Holiday Hiring Report 2022. First, 31% report they’ll take a seasonal job to test out whether they like the work and the company. So if you want to win them over for more permanent employment, set the groundwork early. Second, you may be overlooking the obvious if you don’t take into account that 54% of hourly workers say they’re not currently getting enough hours at their existing job. If you’re short-staffed, ask workers if they want more hours. 

For even more holiday staffing insights, check out our full Holiday Hiring Report 2022.

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