Here's Exactly How Much the President Makes

Andrea Barger
Andrea (she/her) is our head of PR at Snagajob, where she’s focused on telling the world how we help hourly workers and employers. Her first hourly job was as a lifeguard.

Q. How much does the president get paid?

A. The president gets paid a $400,000 yearly salary.

Q. How many hours a day does the president work?

A. President Obama has said in interviews that, on an average day, he spends 10 hours working in the office and another three hours working from the residence. So, he works a 13 hour day.

Q. Does the president work on weekends?

A. Because the nation doesn’t shut down on the weekends, the president does work on the weekends.

Q. How many hours a week does the president work?

A. From the stats above, our math is telling us that on an average week, the president works for 91 hours.

Q. How much vacation time does the president get?

A. That really depends on the president. President Obama averages about 19 vacation days a year.

Q. What is the president’s hourly wage?

A. Being that the president makes $400,000 a year, works 91 hours a week and works 49 weeks per year, we can say that the president makes about $89.71 an hour.

Q. How many times has the president’s salary been raised?

The president’s salary has been raised five times in 225 years. Actually, when you calculate each salary in modern terms, the current compensation is the lowest in history.

We’ve dug a little more into these stats in the infographic above. Enjoy!