Interview Statistics to Power Your Job Hunt

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We’ve got some by-the-numbers information about job interviews for hourly positions, so you can hit the ground running in 2023. You’ll also find a handy checklist so you can be prepared to make a great impression.


Aim to apply to at least 10 jobs to increase your chances of getting invited to interview for one.

Your chance of getting invited to interview for jobs increases the more jobs you apply for. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), applicants who submit more than 10 job applications have almost a 20% greater chance of getting at least one interview – and more than double the chance of getting invited to interview for at least 3 different jobs. 

First impressions count: 33% of bosses say they know within 90 seconds if they will hire that candidate.

The important thing is to avoid obvious red flags so you can just keep their attention during the interview: you want to seem likable, trustworthy, reliable, and – most important! – like you would be happy to work there. What does that look like? 

  • Showing up on time is the first step. 

  • Speak clearly and with an enthusiastic,  friendly, and positive tone.

  • A smile when you introduce yourself goes a long way.


If you’re especially nervous, ask a friend or family member to let you practice your interview greeting on them. It can even help to write out your practice greeting. Start with “Hi, it’s great to meet you!” For bonus confidence, think through an icebreaking question to ask the interviewer that can start things off on a positive note. “So how long have you worked here” is a pretty safe starter! And psssst, here’s a secret: people love talking about themselves. It’s a great way to make a good first impression. 

70% of candidates who are rejected are “too fashionable or trendy”

You want to be remembered for your potential to do good work, not for your outfit or hair! And it’s definitely a bad idea to give the interviewer the idea that you might be distracted on the job maintaining or adjusting your look. When dressing for an interview, the goal is to present yourself as neat and businesslike (for that business). 


67% of interviewers say that failure to make eye contact is a dealbreaker.

This one might sound hard for some people, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some really basic things you can do here, even if you are an introvert. First and foremost, you just need to focus your attention on the interviewer … and not your phone. Put your phone away – and on silent – in your bag or a pocket when the interview starts. Looking at your phone during the interview will lose you the job. 


Hiring managers say they reject about 47% of candidates for having little or no knowledge about the company.

Job interview statistics show that nearly half of all applicants wouldn’t get a job offer because of a lack of knowledge about the company where they’re applying for the job. So doing at least some basic research about the company and the job you’re applying for is highly recommended. 


What does that mean? It’s critical that you’ve re-read the job description and have a sense of what you think the job is – not necessarily every single task, but the big picture. Maybe that’s boxing products up for shipping, maybe it’s ringing up customers’ purchases, maybe it’s preparing or serving food, etc. Spend a little time to think about why the company needs people to do that job – how does it help them succeed in business? 


You don’t need to memorize the corporate structure or anything like that. But it’s a good idea to have a good general sense of what the business does. Great news: interviewers are often especially impressed by candidates who show curiosity to know more about the company’s products or services. You can absolutely ask questions – typically later in the interview – to learn more about what products customers like the most, what the business’ customers want, or what the business needs from the team you’re interviewing to join in order to be successful. 

Putting it all together: the 15-minute interview prep checklist:

  • Plan your interview outfit a day in advance if you can. Neat and businesslike is your goal. 

  • Practice introducing yourself in a positive, friendly tone of voice. 

  • Make sure you re-read the job description so it’s fresh in your mind. 

  • Put your phone away during the interview and give the interviewer your full attention. 

  • Show interest in the job and the company

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