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Need to Hire Full Time? Start Your Search with Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers often make the best full-time employees. They understand your small business and can immediately contribute to your success.

A seasonal to permanent hire can increase productivity while making your business more efficient. While you could hire a new employee for your position, a person hired for seasonal work might become your next full-time employee. 

What’s the Difference Between a Seasonal Worker and a Full-Time Worker?

A seasonal worker and a full-time worker might seem like to clearly-different, easily distinguishable types. While these two categories of employees have obvious differences, there are similarities. Understanding the differences between these is important if you are one of the many seasonal employers in the United States. 

Both seasonal and full-time employees can work 30, 40, even 50 hours or more. They can also share in company benefits. The difference is the expected end of employment. 

The main benefit of being a full-time employee is this worker usually gets to enjoy the most benefits. (Although this is not a hard rule.) Permanent workers often have the highest pay, the most benefits, and the largest company perks. 

In most cases, seasonal employees are hired by companies who need a little extra help through a certain time of year. For landscapers and roofers, for example, this might include the summer season, when these companies are usually busier. For retailers, this often means the holiday season, a time when there are more shoppers, more shelves to stock, and more inventory to process. 

Seasonal employees are often hired on a part-time basis, at least at first. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. A seasonal to permanent hire is very common, especially after the holidays. 

The Benefits of Hiring Permanent Workers

If you go through a lot of holiday hiring, bringing in job seekers to help you through the season, you may need full-time workers once the holiday rush is over. You could, of course, restart the hiring process and post jobs to the general public, but you should start by considering some of the people brought in for temporary positions. 

These people are often looking for a permanent position, so they are highly motivated to work for your company. Even though they were hired on a short term basis, they already know you and you already know them. This makes it a true win-win in the hiring process. 

From the employers perspective, there are many reasons to turn a seasonal job into a permanent position. For starters, you don’t have to launch and exhaustive (and exhausting) hiring process. You can simply talk to a few of your seasonal workers, discuss the options of becoming an employee for the long term, and make the hire. No paying for classifieds, no  rounds of endless interviews, no introductory period with a new employee. When you hire permanent workers from a pool of seasonal employees, the process is just easier. 

Not only is hiring easier, but the end result is often better. You’re hiring someone you know, someone who already knows the process of your business. Whether you’re in retail, food service, warehousing, or manufacturing, this person, who originally took on a temporary position, is already familiar with your work environment.

Seasonal to Permanent Hire: How to Make the Right Choice

Each company will be looking for something different in their employees; your needs certainly won’t be the same as the business next door. That said, there are some universal qualities you should look for when hiring someone who wants to land a permanent job. 

Most of all, the person you hire should have a positive attitude. You want to have a thriving work environment, one where people actually want to show up and contribute. Having a staff that is happy and positive can make a big difference on your team dynamics and company morale. 

Of course, this person should also meet the basics of a good employee. They should show up on time, be well rested and ready to work. They should also be good with customer service, even if this isn’t a major part of their job.

With seasonal hiring, you could watch your temporary hires, you could see how they operate. This made it a wonderful chance to witness their work ethic and value as an employee; you can now benefit from this opportunity by hiring them full time. 

Find the Employees You Need for Any Season

Hiring a seasonal employee to a full-time position isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you need to hire a new person for your small business. If you are ready for a better hiring process, visit today. We have a huge list of motivated job candidates ready to help you throughout the coming year.

Whether you need to fill seasonal positions or want someone to fill an extra shift, we have the employees you need so you never deal with a hiring gap again!

Tom (he/him) is a growth marketing manager at Snagajob helping small businesses find hourly workers.