September sparks the holiday hiring frenzy

Snagajob |

As highlighted in the 2023 Holiday Hiring Report, September is the month seasonal hiring heats up for both employers and job seekers. 

Make sure to stay on schedule and take advantage of the surge of hourly job seekers in the market right now. Now is the time that most workers dust off their resumes and start scouring job boards, company websites, and social media platforms for the latest holiday job listings.

Employers can attract the best talent available before competitors do by keeping their postings up-to-date and promoted. 

Wage, location, and hours are most important to include on a seasonal job post, according to job seekers surveyed. 

By engaging with this active group of workers before the holiday rush kicks in, you can secure the best candidates for your seasonal positions.

Follow our 2023 Holiday Hiring Schedule on Page 3 to guarantee successful staffing throughout the end of the year. 

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