Summer is halfway over: It's time to check in with your hourly workers

Snagajob |

Now that we’re halfway through the summer, it’s time to take stock of your staff: Do you have enough workers to finish the season strong and head into fall? 

This is a great time time to ask yourself:

  • Are any of your team members returning to school or moving soon?

  • Are any of your workers staying on for the fall?

  • Are you looking for more full or part-time help?

  • Are your job postings updated and ready?

Did you know that 73% of workers are interested in keeping their summer job after the season ends? You may be able to retain your top summer talent and get a jump start on fall.

Still hiring? To attract hourly workers, make sure you’re including a competitive wage, giving workers an opportunity to gain new work experience, and ensuring that you’ve got opportunities for them to work part time and full time schedules. 

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