The U.S. economy added 206,000 jobs in June

Dan Li |
Chief Financial Officer | Snagajob + PhD in Economics | Northwestern University

The U.S. economy added 206,000 jobs in June – slightly higher than economists’ expectations of 200,000.

The gains were mostly in healthcare and government, which made up three quarters of total gains, along with social assistance and construction.

Meanwhile, April and May job gains were revised down by 57,000 and 54,000 respectively. This brings the 3-month average down to 177,000, the slowest pace since January 2021.

Average hourly earnings increased by 0.3% over May and 3.9% year-over-year while the unemployment rate rose slightly, although unexpectedly, to 4.1%.

On Snagajob, overall job postings are up 18% month over month and up 60% year over year, with notable gains in the Retail (+18%), Education (+16%), Automotive (+11%), Management (+39%) and Healthcare (+17%) industries.

Here’s your roundup of key insights from the report:

  • CNN: “This is another proof point for a steady-as-she-goes labor market where demand is shifting in some key sectors and employers and employees are staying put.”

  • New York Times: "The labor force grew by 277,000 in June, as more people started jobs and began looking for work. That suggests some confidence among workers even as the job market softens."

  • J.P. Morgan: "The labor market remains steady, despite showing some signs of moderating. A portion of the data shows that we’re starting to see the job market come into equilibrium, which should slow the pace of job growth."

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Hourly Jobs

All industry data is from 1/1/2023-6/30/2024

Here are the latest Snagajob overall job numbers:

Overall hourly jobs are up 18% month over month, and up 60% year over year.

Here are the latest job numbers by industry and category:

Food & Restaurant jobs are up 2% month-over-month.

Hotel & Hospitality jobs are up 2% month-over-month.

Healthcare jobs are up 17% month-over-month.

Retail jobs are up 18% month-over-month.

Warehouse & Logistics jobs are down 3% month-over-month.