Top 4 best retail jobs

Melissa Gold |
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Want to score a gig in retail but aren’t sure where to start? No worries! You can get a great hourly retail job that you’ll excel at—you just need to know where to look. 

Take a gander at our four top picks for jobs in retail. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job to help with bills or a full-time career, these job postings in the retail sector will work for you. 

Four great retail industry positions

1. Sales Associate at Nordstrom

Job deets: As a sales associate, you’re responsible for keeping the shop clean, answering questions and gently persuading customers to make a purchase. Starting out, you can expect to earn $11/hour as a Nordstrom sales associate. However, if you really hustle on the sales floor, you can earn commission, which will increase your hourly earnings. 

Notable perks: Nordstrom is known for treating its workers well. This department store offers benefits like health, retirement, discounts and PTO.

How to get the job: Well, retail experience is king here! But Nordstrom is willing to train if you’ve never had a retail job. All you need is a keen eye for fashion and a willingness to learn.

2. Store Manager at Lowe’s

Job deets: Got a love for all things home improvement? Great! Lowe’s needs knowledgeable and friendly folks like you to manage their stores. Since it’s a leadership role, you can expect to earn $70,000 a year. Keep in mind that this is a fast-paced job where you need to make decisions quickly. 

Notable perks: In addition to health benefits, Store Managers also get perks like dependent care, tuition reimbursement and Lowe’s discounts. 

How to get the job: You need to have both retail experience and leadership experience to cut the mustard as a Lowe’s Store Manager. Experience with all things home improvement will also set you up for success. 

3. Stocker at Costco Wholesale

Job deets: Get exercise and a fun work environment when you take on a job as a stocker with Costco Wholesale. Stockers mostly clean and organize shopping aisles, but also might assist customers or other Costco team members. You can expect to earn $12-$13 an hour for this job. 

Notable perks: Costco is known for its generous benefits. They give prescription coverage, health insurance, 401k match and even life insurance to both their full-time and part-time retail workers.  

How to get the job: This job doesn't require a Bachelor’s degree or even experience. Stocking is a physical job that requires you to be in good shape, though. Costco will scrutinize your ability to lift heavy objects, as well as your personality. Even though you’re a stocker, you’ll still work with the public and need to be reasonably friendly. 

4. Customer Service Representative at Best Buy

Job deets: Customer Service Representatives help panicking customers resolve issues with transactions or technology at Best Buy. You’ll earn around $11/hour for this job at Best Buy, which many employees say is both fun and rewarding. 

Notable perks: Best Buy provides a ton of perks for its retail workers, like health insurance, counseling, a 401k match and employee assistance programs. 

How to get the job: You’ll need a sunny disposition for this job. While experience usually isn’t required, it helps to have a background in customer service or technology to make it as a CSR at Best Buy. 

The bottom line

Score a great retail job that fits your skills. Apply to any of these four positions to earn good money and work for a company that values you as a professional. 

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