Top 4 hourly employers with a strong company culture

Melissa Gold |
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Some folks are content with a bland 9-to-5 gig where they have limited interaction with coworkers. They might occasionally do birthday cake or even an annual company picnic. And that's all well and good—many people are content to work at companies with a so-so culture. 

But if you want bangin’ benefits, a strong sense of purpose and a fun work environment, look for a different type of company. For your next job search, look for gigs at places with a strong company culture. 

Four brands with a strong culture

Corporate culture is super important to your sense of well-being and job satisfaction. These four companies have cracked the code when it comes to building a culture their employees love. Apply for full-time or part-time positions at these companies to enjoy a thriving culture every time you show up for work.

1. Adobe

Adobe won an award from Fortune Magazine in 2016 as a great place to work. This is the 16th time the brand won the “best company to work for” title, too. 

Adobe is a huge company, but don’t let that deter you. This company's culture is inclusive and innovative. It's the perfect place not just for a job, but for a career. 

When you work at Adobe, you get the standard perks like paid time off, insurance and retirement. But they go way beyond that. Enjoy educational reimbursements, onsite organic cafes and gym memberships. Oh, and you’ll also get to join Adobe-specific sports teams if that’s your thing.

What’s great about Adobe is that they’ll invest in your skills and career. You have access to mentorship programs, on-demand courses and leadership training. 

The coolest perk they offer is called the Kickstart Box, which is a red box filled with stationery, snacks and a $1,000 prepaid credit card. The idea is that you can use the Kickstart Box to explore new ideas for Adobe. 

If you aren’t afraid to climb the ladder and share your awesome ideas, try Adobe on for size.

2. Whole Foods

They’re known for their organic foods and kinda-high prices, but Whole Foods is a stellar place to apply for your next part-time job. This company values healthy, organic living, which informs every inch of their workplace culture. 

As an employee of Whole Foods, you’ll get benefits like PTO, 401k and health insurance. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The reason employees love Whole Foods is its willingness to hire internally and invest in team members’ health. 

Got an itch to travel? Whole Foods team members can apply to travel for 2-3 weeks a year to help the communities where Whole Foods sources its products. 

If that’s too much for you, try the Green Trek Challenge. You can win prizes for eating healthy, exercising and using alternative transportation. 

Whole Foods also offers free in-person counseling to team members. No wonder team members work here for years!

3. Salesforce

Salesforce creates software that helps businesses run smoothly. While they offer great parental leave, PTO and insurance options, that’s not why employees stay at SalesForce. 

Instead of offering free taco Tuesdays or breakroom margarita machines, Salesforce work culture focuses on intangible benefits, like a sense of purpose and belonging when you’re at work. 

Once your part of the Salesforce “Ohana,” you’ll get 56 hours of paid time to volunteer at a charity of your choice. This job gives you the flexibility to change the world and get paid for it!

4. Google

How could we not mention Google in this list? Google is famous for its zany but awesome work environment, where you can work inside an igloo all day if you really want to. 

But the Google culture is about more than wacky office buildings. Google culture is about making team members feel comfortable and happy at work so they can put their best foot forward every day. 

The key to Google’s culture is trust. You can enjoy true work-life balance and flexibility because this company is results-based. You don’t need to be chained to a desk for 40 hours if that’s not your jam; Google just wants you to get your work done. That means you get to do remote work with super flexible hours. 

Oh, and their dog-friendly offices are a huge perk if you want to bring your pup to work! 

The bottom line

Company culture is an important piece of the puzzle when you’re job searching. If you want a great work-life balance, unreal perks and a healthy work environment, consider applying for jobs at these four companies. 

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