Top hourly employers giving back to the community

Amber Shiflett |
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Sometimes when you work for a huge company, it feels like maybe your boss doesn’t really know or care about you. You don’t know them, they don’t know you. It’s like the whole place is just too massive to notice the people that work for them or the towns they operate in. 

But not every big business is like that. Actually a lot of the ones that hire hourly workers care very much about their employees and are even big donors to local charities. Here’s a few of the top hourly employers who give back to the communities they’re in. Some of them even let their workers get out there and help make an impact!


Everyone loves coffee but most coffee shops don’t do much to return the love. Starbucks does! They’ve been paying for literacy programs since back in 1997 and never stopped finding new ways to give back. 

Between the millions they donate to nonprofits to all the employee good works their team members get up to, Starbucks is a caring company that brings people together. They also spend a lot on programs to help their own coffee and cocoa suppliers, too. This makes stronger, happier farming communities around the world! 


Coke always used to say “Have a Coke and a smile.” Ever since 1984, the Coca-Cola Foundation has been helping the world have a reason to smile! They’ve donated over $1 billion to empower young women, save the environment and make communities better with awesome art, cultural and economic programs. 

Coke is ahead of the curve when it comes to acts of giving. And they’re a global company, so they go past our own American borders to help with things like disease prevention in poorer countries. We’re not going to lie, Coke is kinda inspiring us here!


McDonald’s was one of those small town burger joints where folks used to come together for a quick meal. But then it started growing. And growing! Now, it’s one of the biggest companies on planet Earth! 

But one thing hasn’t changed. The devotion to giving back is still there, through Ronald McDonald House Charities, HACER National Scholarships and the Black & Positively Golden program. They even let local franchises participate in sports and charities. If you’re looking for a fun place to work that likes to get involved, McDonald’s sets the pace when it comes to doing good things!


Who hasn’t ordered something from Amazon? There’s almost nothing they don’t sell, and all that selling means a whole lot of shipping stuff. That’s why they have so many workers! In fact, Amazon is one of the world’s largest hourly employers with 647,500 employees. 

They used to take some flack for low wages, but in 2018 Amazon raised their minimum wage to $15 to motivate the troops. It also helped them get new workers to join. As far as giving back, the AmazonSmile program donates 0.5% of profit from sales to the charities shoppers pick. Things are looking up at Amazon these days!


Target is all over community impact! They give amazing education grants to local K-12 schools and donate literally tons of food through a partner called Feeding America. They also invest money in safety programs with their partners. 

But that’s not all! Target even goes so far as to pay workers when they want to volunteer to do things like clean up neighborhoods, lend a helping hand during a disaster, mentor kids or do stuff at United Way events. Pretty epic!


Safeway doesn’t just sell groceries, they also save lives! They’ve been leading the pack in charity work and community involvement for 85 years, and each year it seems like they get more involved than the year before. Their donations are up to $14 million a year!

Safeway is really on top of health and nutrition programs, hunger prevention and support for people who have disabilities. They like giving away lots of healthy snacks for events and festivals, too. And if you know any military members, you can tell them that Safeway helps raise donations for programs to help veterans in need!


These guys have been around forever! JCPenney has got a super long record of giving back to communities. Grants to the YMCA, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the After-School name it, they give money to it! And their public charity, Community Foundation, also makes a big difference in the lives of many people in need. 

JCPenney lets workers volunteer to do all sorts of cool things, like fixing old buildings, cleaning up highways and helping animal shelters. Their stores aren’t as big as they used to be, but they never stopped caring about their workers. 


As Spider-Man’s uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility!” Walmart stepped up to the plate as a mega-donor to good causes all over the world. 

The Walmart Foundation gave over $1.4 billion just in 2019. How many companies can match that kind of charity power? Not too many. But the giving doesn’t stop there. Walmart donated 640 million pounds of food and let employees volunteer a whopping 776,000 hours. That’s what we call making an impact, big time!

Home Depot

Home Depot is literally building better towns with their incredible Community Impact and Veteran Housing Grant programs. 

They let nonprofits ask for up to $5,000, which they get to keep and use to pay for community improvement projects. And if it's for veteran housing, grants can skyrocket all the way up to half a million dollars. When you’re talking about charity, Home Depot really shows the competition how its done.


Walgreens isn’t just a pharmacy; they sell a little bit of everything. They also get involved in all types of charitable projects with their Walgreens Boot Alliance. Teaming up with other companies, together they help spread health and happiness around local communities. 

They’re also big on donating to cancer programs, and (if that wasn’t enough) they even support United Nations goals like ending poverty and hunger and improving education. Their Charity Choice program even lets workers donate directly to health and wellness organizations. And when those workers need a helping hand, Walgreens gives out hardship grants which don’t have to be paid back. That’s the kind of boss we want!

Pizza Hut

When Pizza Hut’s not busy baking and delivering tasty pizzas, they’re on the go building green buildings and working with their local franchises to give back to the towns where they operate. They help with disaster relief, make food donations from the Pizza Hut Harvest Program and started the BOOK IT! literacy program years ago. Those are just a few of the awesome ways Pizza Hut gets involved at the community level.  


Not to be outdone by their bubbly rivals at Coke, PepsiCo. goes big when it comes to making the world a better place. 

Pepsi’s charity work includes overseas food systems, promoting access to safe water, and empowering women in third world countries. Meanwhile, right here at home, they just recently gave away $4 million to the Robin Hood Foundation to pay for the education and training of 20,000 women. 

Now that you know what great companies are out there doing good, you can find an hourly job that makes your heart and your wallet happy!