Top 6 Hourly Jobs in Austin

Amber Shiflett |
Categories: Finding a job

Howdy there, Austinite! Need some extra money in your pocket to afford rent? Austin is a bustling, growing city, and that means businesses need hard workers like you to keep their doors open. 

Whether you want to work part-time or land a full-time job, these six hourly jobs are perfect for Austin or Round Rock natives on the hunt for a new gig. 

1. Office assistant

Thanks to technology, you won’t need to file papers or fax anything as an administrative assistant these days. As an hourly office assistant, you’ll chat with customers, answer a few phone calls, take meeting notes and run errands. 

Best of all, hourly office assistant jobs pay $10 - $20/hour in Austin. Get social and earn good money in this cushy, entry-level office job. 

2. Amazon delivery

But hey, we know office jobs aren’t for everyone. If you prefer to let your hair down and jam out to good music all day, you’ll do great as an Amazon delivery driver. 

Earn up to $16/hour as a delivery driver, traveling across Austin to deliver people’s packages. Best of all, you just need a car for this hourly job; no experience is required. This is the perfect gig if you’re looking for a flexible schedule, too. 

3. Retail sales

Avoid sitting in a desk or a car all day with an hourly sales associate job. Clothing stores and malls need help boosting retail sales with friendly, knowledgeable people like you. 

Deliver bang-up customer service, tidy the shop and answer customer questions as a sales associate. You’ll earn an average of $10/hour, but that often includes commissions, bonuses and employee discounts, too.

4. Call center

Ring ring, who’s there? It’s your next hourly job as a customer experience representative. Big companies like Planet Fitness, Alorica and Progressive need cheerful, calm call center staff to help their customers. If you’re bilingual in English and Spanish, you’re basically a unicorn and these companies are desperate to hire you!

This job can be done on a part-time, full-time or seasonal basis. You’ll earn $15/hour on average, but you can earn more if you’re bilingual or if you have experience. 

5. Whole Foods

Well, Whole Foods is from Austin, so it stands to reason that the holistic grocery chain needs helpers in Austin to run its stores. Prepare foods, educate customers on healthy living or squeeze fresh juice as a Whole Foods Team member. 

Depending on your job, you can earn up to $20/hour. The great thing about Whole Foods is that it cares about its employees. You have a path to a career here if that’s what you want. 

6. HEB

“Here Everything’s Better” is the HEB motto, and we have to agree. HEB is a great place to pick up an hourly job in Austin. Earn anywhere from $10 - $20/hour at HEB working in the deli, cashing out customers or keeping the store clean and tidy. They offer flexible shifts and a healthy work environment that's perfect for an entry-level hourly job. 

The bottom line

Show off your personality with these six hourly jobs based in the heart of Texas. Whether you’re going part-time or full-time, it’s time to hunt for your next gig right here in Austin. 

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