Make work fun with these 6 unusual employer perks

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At some jobs, you’re lucky to earn employee benefits like retirement, sick leave and paid time off (PTO). While these benefits are nothing to scoff at, they certainly aren’t mind-blowing. 

But there’s been a recent change by many employers. Unemployment is very low in the US right now, which means that companies have to shell out a lot of money to find high-quality full-time employees. 

And once a company hires you, they certainly don’t want you to leave. That’s why many brands are investing in less-than-typical perks to keep their employees on board. 

Aren’t you a little bit curious? Check out these six fun and unusual employee perks.

Unusual employer perks that will make you jelly

1. Daycare

No matter your situation, it’s hard to be a working parent. Daycare is a good way to take care of your kiddos while you’re at the office, but it’s not always affordable. 

Employers don’t want employees to leave once they start families. That’s why many companies provide on-site daycare or pay for their employees’ daycare costs. 

2. Gym memberships

Employee health is a big, big deal. Unhealthy employees miss more work days, get other employees sick and even drive up health insurance costs. 

That’s why employers have started offering health incentives like free gym memberships. Some offer on-site gym access while others pay for you to access a local gym. This is a great way to stay in shape without spending a dime!

3. Stipends

Have you ever wanted to learn more about something but it was too expensive? This unique employee benefits your natural curiosity with employer-sponsored stipends. 

Smart employers encourage their employees to learn new things by covering the costs. 

The stipend depends on your employer, but it’s common for brands to pay for books, equipment and even educational courses related to your job. 

P.S. When you get better at your job, you increase your long-term earning potential, too, so this is a win-win.

4. Unlimited PTO

A handful of brave, trusting companies offer their employees unlimited vacation time and PTO. 

Now, when they say “unlimited,” it doesn’t mean you can sit on your couch and collect a paycheck without working. 

You have to know where the line is between getting your work done and being a lout. As long as you don’t cross the line, employers encourage you to take as much time off as you need. 

5. Pet care

Do you love your pet like a child? 

Hey, we aren’t here to judge. In fact, quite a few employers understand your situation. It’s becoming more popular for employers to provide pet insurance and doggy daycare to keep their employees happy. 

Some employers take this a step further, creating a dog-friendly company culture where well-trained doggos are welcome. 

6. Student loan debt payment

Oh, yes. You read that right. Many college graduates are saddled with unimaginable loads of debt on their backs. 

Some employers offer a contract to pay back your student loans provided you work for them for a set number of years. This is more common in education and healthcare fields. 

The bottom line

Did any of these perks make your jaw drop? While fun and unusual, more and more employers are embracing cool perks to keep awesome employees around for longer. Always check to see what benefits package your employer offers; you never know when you could score awesome perks, too!

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