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What your business should expect from Father’s Day this year

Father’s Day 2022 is fast approaching. Is your business ready? By knowing what consumers are looking for, you can adjust your products and services to bring in more sales and greater profits this year!

Father’s Day may not be the most famous holiday, but, as far as its impact on families across the country, it actually has a reach that is larger than many of the most famous holidays.

Numerator conducted a survey in late January of 2022, gathering information on people’s plans for annual holidays. Roughly 83% of respondents expect to celebrate Father’s Day, a larger percentage than many of the top American holidays.

More people will participate in Father’s Day than:

  • Valentine’s (76%)

  • St. Patrick’s (53%)

  • Memorial Day (80%)

  • Halloween (78%)

That’s right, more people plan to celebrate Father’s Day than Halloween, one of the biggest and most visible holidays of the year!

So we know that many people will participate in the day of dads, but how will they participate and, even more important to businesses, how will they spend their money?

“Special Outings” On the Rise, Greeting Cards Declining but Still Important

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is one of the most reliable and consistent sources of information on consumer spending. According to their research, consumer spending on Father’s Day 2022 will be roughly 20 billion, a massive number, although down slightly from the previous year. The average spending will be roughly $171.29 for those who participate.

But where is that money going?

Their data shows that “special outings” are starting to recover as one of the most popular ways to spend. 48% of survey respondents expect to spend money on some sort of outing, perhaps a restaurant visit or a trip to a sporting event.

Greeting cards, perhaps because they are affordable and convenient, are the top choice, although they are in a consistent decline. In 2009, 67% of respondents expected to give a greeting card. In 2022, that number has dropped to 58%. It’s still the top category, but other expenses are closing the gap.

Finding a “Unique or Different” Gift

This year, it appears that people are looking for something personalized, unique, and different. This is seen in NRF’s survey, where 44% of respondents said finding a gift that is “unique or different” is important. Creating a “special memory,” with 37%, was also high.

These two motivations were more important to respondents than both convenience and affordability. Apparently, people want something extraordinary for dad, and they’re willing to spend a little more, and deal with a bit more hassle, to get it.

What Can You Do to Increase Father’s Day Sales in 2022?

With these trends in mind, your small business can make a few strategic changes that increase potential sales during Father’s Day 2022.

Add Experiences

Special outings are on the rise as an option for Father’s Day. While they did not disappear during the pandemic, they did decline. Now people want to get out and give the father in their household a special outing, and they will seek businesses that can offer this outing.

Exactly how you can offer this outing depends heavily on your business. Restaurants could offer a Father’s Day special, perhaps a large family meal. Grocery stores can offer packaged meal plans, with everything a family needs from the meat to the veggies to bread and even the dessert. Hospitality services could offer a Father’s Day getaway special.

These are just a few rough ideas; what you offer is only limited by your creativity.

Offer Customized Products or Services

Consumers, as we have noted, are particularly interested in something unique and different for Father’s Day. This could mean customized apparel, equipment, sporting goods, or tools.

A golf-club cover with father’s initials. A hammer with a personal message. A monogrammed jacket. What can your company offer that would make the gift unique and personalized?

Make Greeting Cards Available

Greeting cards may not be the most exciting Father’s Day gift, but they are still the most common presents. It seems many people give a main gift (a tie or shirt or tool or whatever) and add a greeting card as a nice addition.

As a business, try offering greeting cards that customers can add to their purchases. Even if you are a restaurant selling gift cards for Father’s Day, you could offer appropriate greeting cards that add more charm to the overall present while adding a dollar or two to each sale.

Is Your Staff Ready for Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a surprising windfall for many businesses, but you need to be prepared for increased sales. Make sure your staff is hired, trained, and ready for the Father’s Day rush by posting your job on today!

Tom Quinn |
Tom (he/him) is a growth marketing manager at Snagajob helping small businesses find hourly workers.