Why Dairy Queen is the perfect first job for teens

Dairy Queen takes pride in its ability to hire and train teenagers effectively, and their reviews show that the company is a great starting point for teenage workers.

Working for companies like Dairy Queen allows teenagers to build life skills that will help them thrive in the adult workforce. Although teens are not often capable of managing advanced job duties, like management or creative planning, they can be highly effective at completing simple, repetitive tasks. 

Working at Dairy Queen is not incredibly complex. Therefore, teenagers are a perfect fit for the role. This is especially true for teenagers who are looking to get hired at their first job. 

Dairy Queen takes pride in its ability to hire and train teenagers effectively, and their reviews show that the company is a great starting point for teenage workers. 

If you are a teenager looking for work or a parent trying to help their teenage child find work, we suggest you try submitting an application to Dairy Queen. Here’s what makes Dairy Queen the perfect first job for teens. 

Can Students Work At Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen is a great company for teenagers who are currently enrolled in school. This company has many franchisees who are willing to accommodate the busy schedules of teenage students. Of course, you’ll still want to mention your schedule during the interview or application so the manager is aware of your needs. As long as you are upfront about what your school and homework schedule is, there should be no problem fitting you into the schedule at times that work.  

Working At Dairy Queen For Teens: Pros and Cons

Children must progress through several stages of physical and mental development before they can be fully effective in the adult workforce. School plays a significant part in this developmental process, but some skills just can’t be learned inside of a classroom. For example, money management skills and work ethic are much easier developed in work settings. 

In order to support their own families in the future, teenagers must learn what it means to work for a living. Although it is important that kids have personal time to explore their individual interests, a job can go a long way to teach personal responsibility and other relevant life skills. 

By working early, teenagers can position themselves for success later in life. Yet, there are also some downsides to having a job as a teenager. Before you apply for a job at Dairy Queen, consider the pros and cons of working before you are an adult. If you decide that the benefits outweigh the risks, moving forward with the application process should be the right move. 

These are the pros and cons of working as a teen:


Here are some common reasons working can be beneficial for teenagers: 

  • Money management skills can be quickly developed if a teenager puts effort into managing their own finances. In doing so, they can prepare for adult life by making sure they understand personal finance and budgeting. 

  • Working helps children grow up and develop cognitively. Having responsibilities beyond what is typical of a teenager can help teenagers gain new perspectives that allow them to grow mentally. 

  • Having a job requires a certain level of personal responsibility. By being responsible and staying on top of your job schedule, you can improve your academic and personal life. 

  • Time management is essential when you are an adult in the workforce. Learning this early can position teens to excel when they do find employment in the professional world. 

  • By working with others who may be from different walks of life, you can discover more about the world around you. Interacting with customers will also teach you more about the different types of people who live in your community. This can be an eye-opening experience that helps teenagers develop a much greater sense of social awareness.

  • As you complete goals at work, your sense of self may develop as well. Achievements always help you understand what you are capable of at a deeper level, and work puts you in a position where you can set and complete goals on a daily basis.  


There are some downsides to having a job as a teenager. They are:

  • Jobs can be stressful, especially when you have to balance them with class. Teenagers who are planning to find a job soon should make sure that they are ready to take on all of the additional responsibilities first. 

  •  Working eats up time that could be spent having fun as a young person. While life isn’t all about fun, some teenagers may prefer to wait until they are older to work. This is a personal decision, so be sure to weigh the options with your parents before making a choice.

  • Working too much can negatively impact your grades. To avoid this, make sure you find a job that is willing to accommodate your school and homework schedule. 

Why Should Teens Work In Fast Food?  

Fast food jobs allow teenagers to learn how to manage a schedule while staying on top of their job duties. At a restaurant like Dairy Queen, the fast-paced service environment can help teens develop the ability to work under pressure. This skill can be leveraged in other avenues of life, such as academics or sports. Beyond that, they can also learn how to deal with situations that don’t allow for much compromise. For example, in a restaurant, if there is a problem with the order you have to fix it. Going through situations like this can help teenagers understand how the real world works. Likewise, as they gain more confidence in their ability to perform at work, that confidence will also spiral out into the other areas of their personal and professional lives. 

The Benefits Of Working At Dairy Queen

 Dairy Queen is a forward-thinking company that cares about its employees. They like to keep their employees happy, so you can expect there to be a wide range of benefits to working with this company. 

Here are some benefits of working at Dairy Queen as a teenager:

You can earn scholarships

Some employers offer scholarship opportunities to their long-term employees. Dairy Queen is one such company, and they have several scholarship options for employees. The Dairy Queen Scholarship Program offers high school graduates 15 cents per hour for all of the hours they have worked at the company. This can amount to a large amount if they’ve worked significant hours. 

In order to earn this scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a high school degree (high school graduate).

  • Must have worked consecutively for 12 months with Dairy Queen.

  • He or she must have cooperated with the managers to fill in the schedule.

  • The employee must continue to get their higher education at a college or a vocational school.

  • They must actively manage to work with Dairy Queen even with their higher studies.

  • He/she must rejoin a college within ten days after high school.

  • Must be enthusiastic and ready to adopt new ideas.

  • Must be hardworking and dedicated.

  • Must be curious to make their own identity.

Build lifelong relationships

Dairy Queen is sure to be staffed by a number of other teenagers from your local community. If you are looking to meet new people to explore the world with, this job is the perfect place to start. The easy-going vibe of this company invites a range of different personalities, and some of them are certain to be interesting to you or your child. As you work hard together, bonds are certain to develop. In some cases, these bonds can last for a lifetime. 

Develop professional skills

Working allows teenagers to develop useful skills that they can leverage in other areas of their life. At Dairy Queen, the primary skill that teenagers will develop is customer relations. Team management is another piece of the puzzle, so look forward to mastering these skills during your time at the company. 

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