Why recruiters care about your email address

Stephanie N |
Categories: Applying, Applying

"I really don't want to change my email address just to look for a job. That seems like such a hassle. Can't I just use the one I've been using forever?"

Well that depends. If your email address begins with "snookumsforever" or "ihatewhales", you might want to reconsider.

Making up a generic one such as "jasonsmith1" is normally the way to go, but if you can be clever and come up with something that will catch our attention in a good way? You will definitely score some brownie points with us.

Here are two real life examples that made me chuckle:"getrichquick" from a guy named Rich, and "Hopeforthebest" from a lady named Hope. Pretty stinkin' smart eh? I saw those email addresses months ago and I still remember them. Now if you think you're being cute and have put an email address on your resume like "amanda269" or "ilovedoubledeez" you bet your bippy your resume's gonna be shredded like a hot potato. Don't do that.

And if you're still going to argue with me that it's ridiculous to have to create a separate email address and continually log in to check for responses, I have to say this to you: you more than likely already log in to email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and possibly (if you're a smart job seeker and networking like you should be) LinkedIn. You're going to use the excuse that you just don't want to open up ONE MORE site? So that you can get gainfully employed? Come on.

"I had a couple of people tell me they don't like my email signature I set up. I don't see what's wrong with kittens though, they are so cute when they hop around on the screen! Do I really have to get rid of them?"

Ummmm, yeah. And like right away. I've noticed email signatures seem to be a little out of hand lately. If you've put some quote, saying or picture on your automatic email signature that you think is just oh so coy or necessary for the world to read and know about you, chances are you should dump it off. Eliminate it completely; it's not necessary to have an automated email signature. While kittens aren't terribly offensive, they give off an air of childishness and irresponsibility, and they certainly aren't going to land you a job in that corner office with the breathtaking view.

Even more of a hot button with me when it comes to email signatures is religion. Don't talk about it. UNLESS you are applying for a job in a ministry, synagogue, temple etc., don't bring it up. Please. There is nothing more offensive than having somebody email me and then at the bottom of the email they put "Oh by the way, Jesus Saves."


What if Christianity isn't my bag? One lady sent me an email message with her resume and she had a floating Jesus avatar actively signing me from my computer screen. Up and down, back and forth, he was continually facing me and crossing me. I was sofocused on this moving avatar I couldn't concentrate on the words in her message to me. I was too distracted by the Bouncing Jesus.