Barista - Interview Questions

Barista interview questions

Tips for a Barista interview

Baristas work in coffee shops or cafes and make coffee, tea, and specialty drink creations. They have a variety of duties they complete each shift, from managing inventory to taking care of customers. They take orders, grind coffee beans, prepare and serve snacks and beverages, create stock displays, keep track of inventory, and care for the machines and equipment, just to name a few responsibilities.

If you’ve applied for a barista role and are scheduled for an interview, that’s great! To have a successful interview and be hired for the job, it’s time to do some research and prepare for the interview.

Research the company and role.

You should always research the position you’ve applied for and the company you’re interviewing with. Understand the job responsibilities listed in the description and ideal requirements for a candidate, and think about how you meet those requirements and what experience you have with those responsibilities. If you don’t have experience, consider how you’d make up for that in another way. 

Also read about the company, including the history, mission, values, and anything else that you may want to know. 

Prepare answers and examples for common interview questions.

This list of common barista interview questions and answers is a great place to start. Having an idea of what to expect in the interview and preparing your responses ahead of time can help ensure you have strong answers, and helps you to feel more prepared and confident. It also gives you time to think through examples to support your answers.

Write down questions to ask the hiring manager.

You should always have questions to ask the hiring manager, whether about the job, company, expectations, leadership, etc. You can ask about the hiring timeline, the company culture, mission or values, or any questions specific to the role. 

Focus on your knowledge and expertise.

There’s a lot to know to be an excellent barista. Between coffee knowledge, knowing how to operate and clean machines, sales expertise, and customer service skills be sure to highlight how you excel in each of these areas and what you’d bring to the role if hired.