Cook - Interview Questions

Cook interview questions

Tips for a Cook interview

Whether you’re a line cook or sous chef on your way to a cooking role, or a cook just looking to refresh your interview sensibilities before the next big job tryout, we’ve put together a list of tips for your next interview.

1. Research the position and restaurant

Always research the position you’re applying for. This is doubly important as a cook, where 9.9 times out of 10 the interviewer will want to know that you know a bit about the restaurant. Plus if you’re hired, you’ll probably be spending 50+ hours a week in this restaurant’s kitchen. Why work somewhere you’re not excited about working? 

2. Be ready to talk menus

Preparation is key. If you’re coming from another restaurant where you had a hand in the menu creation, be ready to talk about this. Especially for cooks, your potential new restaurant will probably want your help in creating new menu items. Or they’ll ask you to add your spin on what they already have.

3. Write down any questions you have

Come up with a few questions that you have about the restaurant, position, etc. Not only is this pragmatic, but it also shows the employer that you’re “all in” on the process and genuinely interested in working for them.

4. Dress professionally

Always dress appropriately for an interview. How you present yourself goes a long way in making a positive first impression. Check out our post, What To Wear To Your Job Interview, for more guidance. 

5. Be yourself and show how much you care

Most importantly, be yourself! You know the master chef that you are, and it’s crucial to not get caught up in the nerves that come with a big interview. Show the employer why they need your culinary mastery in the kitchen right now. You got this!