25 Jobs For Teens

Money isn’t the only reason teens should consider finding a job. Having a job can also teach teenagers how to manage time, follow directions, and complete goals.

Teenagers don’t often have the same financial obligations as an adult living on their own, but that doesn’t mean a steady income wouldn’t be beneficial. For a teen, finding a job can open up the door to new opportunities, some of which will require a little bit of spending. For example, some extra money earned through a part-time job could be used to invest in a new hobby. Similarly, teens can do their part to save up for their future by working in their spare time during high school. 

Money isn’t the only reason teens should consider finding a job. Having a job can also teach teenagers how to manage time, follow directions, and complete goals. By developing such skills at an early age, they can position themselves as experienced workers by the time they graduate. 

What type of job a teenager holds will dictate the types of skills they develop. This makes it important that teens consider what jobs are available, then choose a path that will help them develop competencies that will be useful in their later careers. Even if a child doesn’t know what career to aim for, working can help them find direction. 

Overall, there are countless benefits to be found for teenagers who start working. If you or your teenage child is looking for a job, here are 25 jobs for teens to consider. 

There Are Different Types of Jobs For Teens

Teens can work in many industries. For example, fast food and retail businesses are known to hire teenagers specifically for many of their positions. Other industries, such as general contracting and landscaping are also prime opportunities for hopeful teenage workers. 

If they have the initiative to do so, teens can also start their own businesses! Doing so will allow them to develop entrepreneurial skills that can last their entire lifetime. Parents with the knowledge to do so should try their best to support their child’s entrepreneurial endeavors. 

In the following sections, we will list twenty-five different jobs that teenagers can qualify for.  

Fast Food Cashier

Fast food restaurants are fast-paced work environments that often see hundreds, if not thousands of customers on a daily basis. Fast-food workers must collaborate effectively to meet productivity goals, while also ensuring the highest level of quality in their products. The cashier is at the front end of this process, as they are responsible for taking orders and processing transactions. In this position, teenagers can learn how to handle money, follow directions, and work with a team. 

Household Assistant

When people need help around the house, they often hire assistants to help them take care of complex tasks. Whether you apply to work as an assistant at a local company, or you just ask a family member or neighbor if they need some help, you can find a job as a household assistant. Some things you may be responsible for in this role include cleaning, meal preparation, and caring for animals. Through this job, you should learn how to communicate with others well. 


Landscaping involves tending to the lawns and gardens of homeowners and businesses. The work required by landscaping companies is often simple, so teenage workers are able to do it effectively. The money for landscaping work is usually pretty good, and there are many opportunities in this industry. Some tasks that landscapers may have to complete include pulling weeds, mowing lawns, and trimming bushes. 

Pet Sitter

Pets are a huge responsibility, and some people just don’t have the time to tend to all of their pets’ needs. This is why they hire pet sitters. Pet sitters watch animals while their owners are away, ensuring that their needs are taken care of. Some examples of job duties include feeding, bathing, and playing with animals. If you love animals, this is the job for you!

Plant Sitter

If a friend, family member, or neighbor is away on a trip, they may need someone to water their plants while they’re gone. A plant sitter takes care of plants, ensuring that they get enough water and sunlight to live healthily. It is a simple job, but to many, it can be very important. 

Pool Cleaner

Pools can easily attract harmful microbes and debris if they are not kept clean regularly. A teenage pool cleaner uses a variety of tools to keep pools clean. Depending on the company they work for, they may be responsible for cleaning multiple pools in the same neighborhood. The size of the pool can dictate whether they need adult supervision for the job as well. 

Water Salesman

This is more in the entrepreneurial vein of teenage jobs. All you have to do is buy some water bottles and a cooler, then head to a local event to sell them. Everyone needs water, and they especially like it when the water is cold. A teenager with the right people skills can easily make a steady income doing this job. They can also develop their sales and communication skills. 

Window Washer

Homes and businesses with beautiful windows often like to keep those windows clean. Glass can easily attract smudges and dust that can be hard to remove without the right tools. A teenager is perfectly capable of cleaning windows because it is an easy job. Of course, they can’t climb high rises on complex equipment, but they can clean the first-story windows of their neighbor’s homes. With the proper supervision, even the harder forms of window washing may be on the table. 


You can work in a bakery if you are a teenager. You can also sell baked goods to your friends, family, and other people in your area. If there is a bakery in your area, consider applying for a job there. You can learn skills like cooking, food preparation, and time management. You can also learn new recipes that you can bake for your family! 

Car Snow Remover

Waking up early in the morning to remove snow from your car can be a hassle that makes you late for work. In the winter, teenagers can ask their neighbors to let them do the work instead, saving them time in the long run. All you have to do is wake up early enough to get the job done before school. Of course, this job is the best fit for responsible teens who are good at waking up early to handle their responsibilities. 

Garage Cleaner

For many, the garage is a home for any variety of junk. Garages are also usually more prone to having dust and dirt buildup. Garage cleaners organize and clean garages to ensure that they are comfortable for residents. The job is simple, but it may require a level of physical ability. Garages are known to be full of heavy things that a small child would not be able to pick up or move. 

Holiday Decorator

During the holidays, people love to decorate their homes with exquisite designs. A holiday decorator could be helpful, especially for senior citizens who aren’t as mobile as they used to be. Whether it involves putting up a Christmas tree or hanging lights around a home, teenagers are a perfect fit for the job. As long as proper ladder safety measures are in place, they can even handle putting decorations up in hard-to-reach places. 

Car Washer

Washing cars has been a teenage job for nearly a century. People like having their cars look good on the inside and out. The job is easy to do, but it can be time-consuming, so many people don’t want to do it themselves. If you get a job at a local car wash, you can clean cars and get paid hourly. Though, if you want to try to make money on your own, you could offer to wash cars in the local neighborhood. Both options are good, but you may learn more from making the sales on your own. 


Children of a certain age can’t be left home alone. As a babysitter, you take responsibility for watching them while their parents are gone. If you want to make good money as a babysitter, you can even get certified. Though certifications are not required to babysit for a family member or family friend. 

Newspaper Delivery

Although newspapers are slowly becoming less relevant, people still like having them delivered to their homes. Newspaper delivery people bring newspapers to the people who’ve ordered them. This job is easy to do, and kids can deliver them around the neighborhood using their bikes. The hours are early in the morning though, so kids who choose this job will need to be good at balancing their time and responsibilities. 

Golf Course Worker

Golf courses need teenager workers to do things like collecting golf balls, cleaning the grounds, and caddying. A caddy is someone that holds the golf clubs for players that don’t wish to carry them themselves. This job can be a good source of physical exercise, and it can also help teenagers start networking at an early age. 


Whether you’re at the beach or a local pool, water safety is critically important. Lifeguards ensure that all people who are swimming are following proper safety measures. They also protect swimmers if anything bad happens. To be a lifeguard, you must be a competent swimmer who has had training in CPR and first aid. 

Dog Walker 

Dogs need to be walked several times a day to get exercise. If you are someone who is comfortable with pets, you can offer to walk dogs while their owners are away or at work. This job requires a lot of responsibility because you don’t want to make a mistake and lose someone’s dog. Some companies hire teenage dog walkers, but you can also just ask around to see if anyone needs help getting their dog out for walks. 

Retail Salesperson

Working in retail means working at a store such as a department store in a mall. Your job responsibilities will include helping customers understand the products they are trying to purchase. You may also need to help them choose products. In some cases, salespeople will also have to ring up customers at the register, though this job could be given to a cashier instead. 

Grocery Store Bagger

Grocery stores sell food items and other goods to their customers. Usually, people buy a lot of stuff, so someone has to bag it up for them before they can put it in their car. A grocery store bagger organizes goods and places them into bags. This job can be a lot more confusing than it looks, so be prepared to work hard when there are a lot of customers. 

Fast Food Server

At fast-food restaurants, someone has to make the food. The servers and cooks work in the back of the shop to ensure that food is cooked properly following the set recipes. It is a fast-paced environment, so teenagers who choose to work in fast food must be able to work under high levels of pressure. 

Ride Operator

Amusement parks and carnivals have large rides that must be controlled by someone. Teenagers are perfect for this job, because usually there is very little that they must be responsible for. Of course, safety is first, so they need to always follow the set protocols. Though, the job really boils down to just making sure everyone is safely in their seat, then pressing the start button. Answering questions about the ride may come up as well. 

Camp Counselor

Camp counselors spend time with energetic kids who are at camp for a set period. The counselor is responsible for playing with and teaching kids during the span of the camp. This role is great for people who enjoy babysitting and other child-related work. 


If you are a teenager with a driver’s license, you can drive people around for some extra cash. While you aren’t likely to be hired as a professional driver, you are free to ask family and family friends if they need someone to drive for them. Whether they are busy and don’t have the time to drive themselves, or they need you to pick up or drop off items, you can probably find someone who needs help. 

House Cleaner

Teenagers should be used to cleaning up their own homes. They can take those skills and apply them as a job. Finding a job as a home cleaner is easy for teenagers because the job is usually very simple. As long as they know someone who needs help with cleaning, they can just ask to help out. Otherwise, they can apply directly to a cleaning company and try to get a part-time job. 

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