3 Best Retail Stores to Work For

Retail is a lively industry that’s never short on job openings. Whether you want to stock, run a cash register or become a star sales associate, retail stores have a lot to offer hourly workers. 

But whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time gig, you still want to land a job at a good company. How can you separate the so-so retail stores from the truly great ones? 

Let us do the work for you! We’ve compiled this list of the three best retail stores to work for. Not only do they treat their workers like human beings, but they also offer competitive pay and wow-worthy benefits. 

1. Costco

Costco offers a heap of benefits to all of its hourly workers, no matter how many hours you work each week. After a probationary period, you’ll qualify for medical, vision, prescription and dental coverage. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As a retail worker, you’ll have access to Costco’s 401k with an employer match. Plus, the average hourly rate for Costco workers is $20, which is a livable wage in most US cities. 

If the benefits and pay weren’t enough to pique your interest, 91% of Costco employees have a positive outlook on the company (which is a feat for a retail store!). 

On top of that, Costco believes in giving employees job security, which is another juicy perk that other retailers don’t often provide. As a Costco employee, you’ll have guaranteed hours every week, four free Costco memberships and even a free turkey for Thanksgiving. 


IKEA is known for its cheap furniture and meatballs, but to its employees (which are affectionately called “coworkers”), the retail company is known for quality and respect. 

Whether you work full-time or part-time, you still qualify for IKEA benefits. Actually, you count as a full-time employee if you work just 20 hours a week at IKEA, which is well below the 30-hour threshold other retail companies usually require. 

In addition to medical, prescription, dental and vision insurance, IKEA offers its employees perks like paid time off, tuition assistance and meal deals. 

Plus, IKEA is just a fun place to work! It’s a flat organization without the red tape or hierarchy, which is perfect if you like a chill work environment. 

3. The Container Store

Got an itch to organize? The Container Store is a mecca for anyone obsessed with clean, organized spaces. As a Container Store employee, you’ll be part of an award-winning culture that values your well-being and professional development. 

The Container Store has jobs available in distribution centers, its North Texas headquarters and in-store customer solutions. As an hourly worker, you’ll have access to medical, dental and vision insurance as well as a 401k option. Oh, and if you already love shopping at the Container Store, you also get a 40% employee discount!

Plus, the Container Store offers free leadership programs to train you for a future in management. Even if you don’t want to work at the Container Store forever, it’s a great way to grow your skills for free. 

The bottom line

Don’t settle for a less-than-awesome hourly retail gig. Get great perks, opportunities for personal growth and a healthy work environment. Apply to these three companies to find the perfect retail job for you. 

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Andrea Barger |
Andrea (she/her) is our head of PR at Snagajob, where she’s focused on telling the world how we help hourly workers and employers. Her first hourly job was as a lifeguard.