Here's How to Get a Job With No Experience

It seems impossible. But with these job search secrets you'll be able to find a job--no experience necessary.

Katy Boyles |
Katy is our Social Media Manager at Snagajob, where she loves talking to hourly workers and employers all day long. Her first hourly job was as a hostess.
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So you’re browsing the job listings on Snagajob and you spot the perfect part-time job. Just as you’re about to apply you see the words "1 to 2 years of experience required." Talk about a buzzkill. We've all been there, it's kind of like seeing an outfit that you've had your eye on for a while and realizing you can't quite afford it.

Job seekers ask us all the time, "how do I get any work experience if all jobs require work experience to get hired?" It seems impossible. But with these job search secrets you'll be able to find a job--no experience necessary.

Don't overlook the skills you have

You don't think you have experience because you've never worked a "real job?" Fair enough. But just because you didn't get paid for something, doesn't mean you didn't learn useful skills that you can transfer to a job. In fact, you're probably more qualified than you think.

Participating in sports, clubs and volunteer opportunities help to build communication, teamwork and organization skills that'll come in handy at work. For example, think about all the times you've babysat or mowed lawns in the neighborhood. You've probably learned little something about being accountable and managing money. Show off those skills.

Let your personality shine

The truth is, a lot of employers are more interested in your personality and availability than your past experience. They want to hire people who are trainable and excited to learn. So get out there and show off what makes

When you're applying for jobs look for a job description that fits your personality and emphasize the traits that make you perfect for that position. For example, a sales associate job you're interested in requires prior experience in sales or customer service. Even though you haven't worked in sales, you've probably got experience listening to people and making others happy--so focus on that.

If you want the job then go for it

Don't apply for a shift manager job if you've never worked a shift--obviously. But if you fit most of the qualifications for a job except the experience level, consider applying anyway. Employers may ask for a year or two of experience, but if you have a great personality and stand out they're likely to consider you. Don't forget to show off your positive attitude, excitement and willingness to learn.

And while sometimes getting a job with no experience means you're taking a entry-level position that isn't quite what you want, the best way to gain the necessary skills is to start at the bottom. Look for companies that actively promote from within.