5 Best Sports Companies to Work For

If you enjoy chatting about last night’s game around the watercooler, you’re the perfect candidate for a career in the sports industry. Athletes and sports fans can put their inside knowledge to work at a sports-oriented company.

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Whether you want to work for a sports team, sports organization or sports vendor, these brands let you stay close to the action. Turn your passion for sports into a profit with a fulfilling job that pays great. 

5 best companies for sports fans

Not sure where to start looking for your next job? Here are five of the best sports companies to work for. 

1. NFL

The National Football League is gigantic. Seriously. You could have a degree in marketing, engineering, or no degree at all and you’d be able to find a killer part-time or full-time job. 

Most of the NFL’s job opportunities aren’t with the NFL itself, but the 32 teams it calls “franchises.” Check with your local pro football team for positions ranging from marketing, customer service, merchandising and event planning. 

The NFL also has a fantastic paid intern program if you’re interested in a TV or media career. 

But don’t worry. You’ll get more than bragging rights when you work for the NFL. It gives workers medical, dental and vision insurance as well as basic life insurance. 

If you want to work at the NFL ‘til you’re old and gray, be sure to take advantage of their 401(k) and pension programs. You’ll also get uncommon-but-awesome perks like identity theft protection and pet insurance. 

2. NBA

The National Basketball Association is looking for energetic folks like you to manage sales, host events, conduct research, secure buildings and a lot more. 

The NBA is a great organization to work for and offers a lot of benefits to full-time employees. Score medical, dental and vision coverage as well as ample paid time off (sweet!). 

But the NBA wouldn’t be a sports organization if it didn’t encourage people to get off the couch. NBA employees get subsidized gym memberships, fruit delivery and onsite preventive care.

The NBA is a perfect place to work if you can’t get enough action on the basketball court. It’s supportive of working families, offering flexible work schedules, personal development, child and elder care and even adoption assistance. 

3. MLB

Nothing’s more American than baseball. Get more of this all-American sport with a career at Major League Baseball. 

MLB needs sociable folks to be reporters, youth coordinators, marketers, IT pros and a whole lot more. 

MLB gives employees standard benefits like medical, dental, vision and paid time off. It also offers retirement benefits, gym discounts, commuter benefits and life insurance. 

Oh, and ditch your suit jackets. At MLB, you get to wear business casual all day, every day. 

4. Hudl

Hudl helps sports teams perform better. This technology company uses smart cameras, video and analytics to help athletes improve their performance. 

Hudl is the perfect place to work if you want to be on the cutting edge of the sports industry. These folks take a tech-first approach to everything. 

Hudl’s benefits have us pretty jelly. They mostly have a remote workforce, so you could work in your PJs every day if you wanted to. 

The company also offers free sports tickets (um, score!), professional development, unlimited vacation, free lunch for office employees and what they call “kickass gear.” 

5. Lululemon

Sure, Lululemon is famous for its yoga pants, but it’s still a sports company. 

There are plenty of ways to earn a living with Lululemon. Flex your sales skills as a rep in Lululemon’s stores, get exercise at their distribution center or support customers in the Lululemon call center. 

Lululemon offers such great benefits that it’ll make you wonder, “Is this for real?”

First of all, you get a sick discount on Lululemon apparel. It’s 40% off for part-time employees and 60% off for full-time employees. If you wear yoga pants on the regular, this job will have you outfitted in no time. 

The company also reimburses $25/week for gym memberships and fitness classes. 

If you’re at the adulting stage of your life, take advantage of Lululemon’s health, vision and dental insurance as well as their 401(k) and stock matching. Back in February of 2019, the company also began offering six months of paid parental leave. 

The ball is in your court

The great thing about these sports companies is that you can have any background or degree to work there. Put your diploma to work at a company that’s not just interesting, but also gives you awesome perks. 

Oh, and don’t forget to update your resume after you’ve earned said diploma. Get more calls and interviews with these post-grad resume tips.