Don't be tied down this summer

With gig-work, flex-work and Shifts by Snagajob, you don’t have to choose between making money and having a hot girl summer.

Katy Boyles |
Katy is our Social Media Manager at Snagajob, where she loves talking to hourly workers and employers all day long. Her first hourly job was as a hostess.

Summer of 2021 already has quite a reputation. Some say it's the return of the roaring '20s, while others say it will be a repeat of the Summer of Love. Whatever we call it, it's clear it is going to be one for the record books. 

With all this anticipation, maybe this is not the summer to be tied down. And no, we're not talking about your S.O.—we're talking about your job! 

With COVID-19 vaccination rates increasing across the country and things opening up, people are getting back to their lives and work. Maybe now's the time to rethink the relationship between those two things. This summer is the perfect time to explore how you can make your job work for you. 

With gig-work, flex-work and Shifts by Snagajob, you don’t have to choose between making money and having a hot girl summer. 

Gig work

Gig work is great for people who want to work without set hours and don't want to commit to long-term employment and find the gig lifestyle attractive.

If this sounds like you, take a look at these gigs near you. 

Restaurant delivery

Food delivery is booming and is expected only to get bigger. As the driver, most apps let you keep 100% of your tips. Depending on the app, you can also use a bike, scooter or car, so don't be discouraged if you don't have your own vehicle. 

Pay: $13/hr on average (according to Payscale) 

Get started:  DoorDash, Uber Eats, Caviar and Grubhub, Postmates

Grocery shoppers

As a grocery shopper, you shop from a customer's list in the store and deliver the groceries. At times this gig does require more personal service. When items are sold out, shoppers need to coordinate with customers on replacements which can slow things down. But overall, you get to set your hours and make good money along the way.

Pay: $12/hour (according to Payscale) 

Get started: Instacart, Prime shopper


The most commonly known gig-work is driving for Lyft and Uber. It's a great way to set your hours, get out, meet people and see the city. Pick people up as they're heading to work, out with friends or need to get home from the airport. Now, as the restaurants and bars reopen, you can make good money working nights and weekends. 

Pay: $12-15/an hr on average (according to Payscale) 

Get started: Lyft, Uber


If you like physical work and want to set your hours, working as a mover is an excellent option for you. You need to lift 50-100lbs in this role, but no previous experience is required. 

Pay: Up to $21/ hr 

Get started: Bellhop

Shifts by Snagajob 

To help make gig-work and flex work easier, we created Shifts by Snagajob. We partner with great local businesses from lots of different industries. When they have open shifts to fill, our app gives you a heads-up. Shifts give you the flexibility to prioritize what's important to you. You can be a student, care for family or pursue a passion—and still have a steady source of income.

Shifts is not your ordinary gig. With other gig apps, you're a 1099 independent contractor. With Shifts, you are a W-2 employee of Snagajob. That means you get benefits you wouldn't have otherwise. We withhold taxes from your paychecks, so you can avoid any surprises when it's time to file your return. Plus, we protect you with workers' comp and the guarantee of workplaces that meet COVID-19 safety standards.

Pay: Varies ($18+ on avg) 

Get started: Learn more about Shifts by Snagajob here.