Fun summer jobs to keep you happy, busy and paid!

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Summer is just around the corner, and there's a job for everyone. For extroverts who enjoy the buzz of a restaurant and seeing coworkers everyday, to more introverted types who prefer a quiet work environment, there are options galore, so find the right opportunity for you!

Social butterflies

Service staff in restaurants 

Working in a restaurant, either as waitstaff or kitchen help, might not seem like the most fun job, but once you've experienced the adrenaline of the lunch rush, there's little that compares. Restaurants are fast-paced and upbeat. It can be stressful work, but once the customers have left, there is a huge sigh of relief as the staff exchanges stories about the crazy shift they had. Restaurants tend to attract creative types who are making ends meet or people just starting their cooking careers. It's a great way to meet new people. Restaurant work is also a great way to learn about food and drinks and bring new cooking skills home into your kitchen. 

Front desk at a hotel 

Domestic tourism is up, and hotels are hiring for the summer vacation season. Roles of working in a hotel range from waiters, cleaners, and more—but if you enjoy talking to people, the front desk is the spot for you. Many guests ask the front desk about what's fun to do in the city and where to eat. Share your knowledge of the town with visitors from all over the country.  If you know your city, take pride in where you live, and want to share this appreciation with others, this is a great summer job.

Animal Lovers 

Pet sitter

If you enjoy the company of animals over humans, this is the perfect job for you. Anyone who loves pets of all kinds, including dogs, cats, birds, and even horses, would love being a pet sitter. As people go on summer business trips and vacations, they need someone to either look after their pets daily or take their pets for a week or two. Get to know different animals and spend your days looking after them. This job also provides a pretty open schedule, so you could still find time to have some fun this summer.

Dog walker

Want to work with pets but would prefer something a little more active? A dog-walking gig for the summer is a great way to get some exercise while earning a good income. There are, of course, challenges to this job (cleaning up after the animals, for example), but this job allows you to spend your summer days outside with the goodest doggos.


Delivery driver

Being a delivery driver has many perks. You get to listen to your music or podcasts all day, and if you're not a people person, you don't have to interact with many people on the job. You can also choose what industry you work for, and it's not just food. From floral shops, hardware stores, and appliance distributors, just to name a few, all need reliable drivers. It's also a great job if you are new to an area, as you'll quickly learn your way around town and get to know the region. 

Work at a plant nursery 

Perhaps you're not one for pets or people but prefer the peaceful company of beautiful plants. Maybe you just want to learn more about horticulture. In this case, a job in a nursery could be perfect. Nurseries and flower shops are often busy during the summer, with customers preparing for summer house projects and summer events. 

Role Models


Education doesn't stop when school's out for the summer. Many kids need to keep learning in June, July, and August. Being a tutor allows you to make good money and have a flexible schedule. You don't have to be an expert to become a tutor, you just need a desire to help children (ranging from elementary to high school) and want to make a real difference in your community. Of all the fun summer jobs, this is probably the one that brings the most pride and fulfillment on a daily basis.

Camp counselor 

If you like working with kids but don't love academics, being a camp counselor is a great job for the summer. Learn time management and leadership skills. You can also find camps that align with your interests, like art, theater, or outdoor activities.

Get out there this summer

So if you're eager to get out and make some money — check out these summer jobs!

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