Get to know this year’s top seasonal job seekers

Snagajob |

As highlighted in the 2023 Holiday Hiring Report, hourly workers on either side of the age spectrum are searching for seasonal jobs this year, with Gen X and Gen Z workers making up a large portion of holiday job seekers.

Do you know what they’re looking for? 

Gen Z workers, age 25 and under, are often looking for entry-level roles so they can gain experience for their resume while earning extra spending money.

Gen X workers, ages 45-60, have been in the workforce for a while and can take on those roles that require more experience. They’re often looking for a second job to make extra income.

Two things they have in common? They both list a flexible work schedule as one of the top three things they’re looking for in a holiday job, and both groups list retail associate as the top job they want.

Learn more about these job seekers on page 5 of our Holiday Hiring Report, then browse the rest of the report to get all the tips you need to finish hiring for the holiday season.

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