How to make your job fit your life

Summer is here! 

With COVID-19 vaccination rates increasing across the country and things opening up, folks are getting back to life and work. And maybe now’s the time to rethink the relationship between those two things. Could it be different? Could it be better? Does your job work for you? 

If you’re like most people, working is a necessity. But the perceptions and realities of how we work have shifted over the decades. Long gone are the days of one breadwinner, usually a man with a wife who stayed at home to take care of the children. Today, we’re a nation of dual-income households, working parents—single and partnered, and more people working into their retirement years. And there’s a growing desire to not be solely defined and controlled by a job. It’s no longer just about having a good work-life balance. People want to shift their priorities and find the right work-life fit.

Design your life

Life isn’t just one big timecard. (Although oftentimes, it feels like it is.) We all have non-work things that are important to us—family, friends, health, hobbies, and personal growth. It’s just a matter of having the time for them. The standard operating procedure is to fit your life around work. But imagine if you could flip the script so your work fits around your life.

Maybe you’re a college student who needs to earn money for tuition and books but also needs employment that won’t get in the way of class schedules and study time. Maybe you’re an artist who wants work flexibility to practice your craft. Or an entrepreneur who has to have a backup source of income while starting up a business. Or maybe you’re a caregiver committed to being at home for an adult or child with special needs, but realistically can’t be without a job.

While these life-first scenarios may seem like wishful thinking or simply impossible, there are workable solutions for all of them. You just need to seek them out.

Take control of the way you work

Money, security, flexibility and fulfilling work. Everyone has their own sweet spot where all these things come together. For many workers, the goal is to have a full-time position—these jobs often come with benefits like vacation and health insurance as well as retirement plan options. But thanks to technology and more employers who’ve gotten the “times they are a-changin” memo, there are lots of other work arrangements available to job seekers.

  • Part-time: While part-time jobs provide fewer hours than a full-time role, they offer a lot of flexibility—a bonus for when you need a job that works around your life. Many employers offer benefits to part-time workers as well. 

  • Flex schedules: Because life isn’t always compatible with rigid scheduling, some employers offer their workers flexible options, including flexible start and end times, compressed workweeks, and the freedom to create their own schedules. In a recent survey, Snagajob saw that 89% of employers we’re offering flexible schedules to their employees. 

  • Seasonal work: When companies anticipate a surge in demand for their services, they staff up for a specific window of time, for example, during the holiday shopping rush. In many instances, a worker who does a good job and demonstrates their value can turn a seasonal job into a permanent one.

  • Gig work: “Gig worker” is today’s new way of saying independent contractor, freelancer, temp, or on-demand worker. People who like to work without set hours and don’t want to commit to long-term employment find the gig lifestyle attractive. Work can range from smaller time-bound tasks, like picking up someone’s dry cleaning to short-term assignments, like doing data entry.

  • Remote/telework jobs: Some jobs can be done from home. Many just require a phone, computer and reliable internet connection. For parents and caregivers, this is a fantastic option. Plus, with telework that’s done virtually, the employment opportunities go far beyond your local job market. 

Snagajob makes your job work for you. 

We think a lot about how we can help you succeed in your job searches, career ambitions, and finding the right work-life fit.

It all starts with the Snagajob member profile. Make sure you complete and keep yours updated. When you tell us your skills, education, work history, availability, and more— it all goes into your job seeker identity. Our technology uses that info to suggest the right job(s) for you.  It’s way faster than doing your own search. Employers can also actively search and seek you out. If they’re interested, they can immediately invite you to the interview!  Plus, we offer you your own URL page to publicly share your profile online. 

Snagajob is like a big buffet for job seekers—with lots of opportunities and lots of ways to consume hourly work. You can work full-time or part-time, a day shift or a night shift. Have fixed or flexible hours. You can use the gig economy for an independent contractor side hustle. Or join the Shifts by Snagajob crew and work when and where you want—according to your schedule. The best part of it is that you get to decide.

Fitting work around your life can be a journey and may require some exploration. That’s why our site is constantly updated with new insights and content. There are articles that highlight a specific industry or the qualities and skills needed for a specific role. We also provide guidance on transferable skills and paths to changing professions. And hopefully, if we do our job correctly, you’ll gain experience, grow and develop.

Remember, you can have many jobs, but you only get one life. Visit the Snagajob website and check out our job seeker resource page and get to prioritizing.

If you don’t believe that you can fit work into your life, take a look at these job seekers that used Snagajob to make it happen.  


Juan came to Snagajob as a college sophomore majoring in Business Administration and a member of the track team. Even with his athletic scholarship, he still needed money to cover living expenses. And he needed employment with major flexibility to work around his class schedule, track practices and weekend meets. Juan signed up for Shifts by Snagajob and immediately began claiming shifts—serving food at catering events, unloading trucks at a warehouse, and doing whatever else fit into his schedule. During his junior year, he found a steady Shifts opportunity working in the back office of a pharmacy chain doing administrative tasks. The work wasn’t always super exciting, but it gave him insight into how a business operates—and it got his foot in the door. The department head offered Juan a paid internship for the summer, where he gained valuable work experience that will look great on his resume as he enters the workforce after graduation. 


When Lisa turned 16, she decided she wanted to start earning her own money. Aside from babysitting, she didn’t have work experience. And she had never searched for a job. After a few amateur attempts at applying for jobs, she found her way to Snagajob. She spent time on the site getting tips on how to find work and learning about opportunities that might be good for a teenager. She completed her profile and matched with several part-time jobs. One of her matches was with a temporary spring-seasonal position at Lowes that didn’t require experience. She interviewed and got the job! Lisa got trained on the job and was a quick learner. Her manager noticed. When the seasonal position came to end, he offered her a part-time position that she could work year-round. She accepted and is happily spending (and saving) the money she earns.


Kellen and her husband had worked in the restaurant industry for nearly two decades. When he was diagnosed with cancer, things changed. They needed health insurance to pay for his expensive treatment. And Kellen needed to be home to manage his care. It all seemed overwhelming. Did a full-time job with benefits for a former restaurant server who has to be a stay-at-home caregiver even exist? On Snagajob, the answer is “yes.” Turns out the strong people skills Kellen developed through years of waiting tables transfer nicely to employment in customer service. She matched with several companies and was contacted by a recruiter from a national retailer. She was hired as a remote teleworker and offered benefits, including health insurance and 401(k). Today, her husband’s feeling better, and she’s enjoying her new profession.

Katy Boyles |
Katy is our Social Media Manager at Snagajob, where she loves talking to hourly workers and employers all day long. Her first hourly job was as a hostess.