Report shows why hourly workers want more hours. Especially during the holidays.

Darrell Jones |
Darrell is Snagajob’s Manager of Content & Copywriting, where he enjoys writing and editing advice that helps workers and businesses align and succeed. His first hourly job was totally chill, bagging ice at an ice cube f-f-f-factory.

As discussed in a recent blog post, inflation continues to eat away at the paychecks and bank accounts of American workers.

So, it’s no wonder that our just-released Holiday Hiring Report 2022 shows that hourly workers are more than ripe for finding holiday jobs. In fact, our survey of 3,773 such workers found that:

  • 54% are not getting enough hours at their current job

  • 57% are open to finding a season job

  • 25% are already working multiple jobs

  • 55% will use a holiday job to consider transitioning into a permanent role

  • 60% of job seekers have never had a holiday job before

To get the complete picture of what holiday job seekers are feeling (and what they’re looking for in seasonal work), check out our timely report. You’ll get insights, analysis, and tips that are sure to help you staff up for the upcoming holidays.

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PS: For a holiday hiring 2022 deep dive into the Retail, Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, and Warehouse & Logistics industries, check out our four industry-specific editions. Plus there’s also our infographic with a quick snapshot of the report’s findings.