Top 5 industries hourly workers are moving to

With two jobs for every worker in today’s tight labor market, job seekers have the freedom to “reshuffle” their careers and level up.

But if they’re going to leave their job, and take their skills to a completely new industry, where would they prefer to go? We surveyed nearly 3,000 hourly workers to find this out, asking them which sectors are the most appealing. Here’s what they said:

47% - Customer service

44% - Retail

41% - Restaurants

33% - Warehousing

28% - Hospitality

How can you capitalize on worker’s musical chairs?

1. Stress your company culture and values. 

Many employers find that higher wages alone aren’t enough to bring workers back. These are positions that traditionally offer lower pay and require more rigid scheduling. To find workers, particularly teens, stress your company culture. Many young workers are looking to support causes they stand behind.

2. Show the fun side of working for you..

 Also, emphasize the fun of working with other young workers, and programs to help them socialize before and during work. Remember, these teen workers have been isolated since the pandemic and are looking to make friends.

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Darrell Jones |
Darrell is Snagajob’s Manager of Content & Copywriting, where he enjoys writing and editing advice that helps workers and businesses align and succeed. His first hourly job was totally chill, bagging ice at an ice cube f-f-f-factory.