Why Brusters is the perfect first job for teens

Some would say Bruster’s is the perfect first job for teens, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Here’s what teenagers should know about working for Bruster’s.

Bruster’s is an ice cream franchise that was founded in 1989. The company is a perfect starting point for teenage workers who have not yet had a job before. You can find Bruster’s at nearly 200 independently owned locations across 22 states and three countries. 

Working with Bruster’s is great for teens because the job only requires employees to complete simple job duties. The job can also be beneficial because it has flexible hours and reasonable pay for an entry-level job. 

Some would say Bruster’s is the perfect first job for teens, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Here’s what teenagers should know about working for Bruster’s. 

Can Students Work At Bruster’s?

If you are a teenager who has student obligations, Bruster’s should be a great company for you. Employees who work at retail locations can often work with their managers to create schedules that work for all parties. For example, student-athletes may need to balance their schedule around their practice, school, and study time. Bruster’s takes care to hire managers that are understanding of young workers’ needs, so making the schedule work shouldn’t be a problem at all.  

What It’s Like Working At Bruster’s

Bruster’s is an awesome place to work. They offer a fun, safe, and friendly environment that is tied together by strong management. When working here, you will be responsible for serving ice cream to your location’s guests. 

Bruster’s has a large variety of premium flavors and desserts that they serve in the stores that you will be working at. As you work there, you will become familiar with them all and learn how to prepare many different items. Of course, you’ll have guidance the entire time, as their training process is second-to-none!

At Bruster’s, culture and service are everything. On this note, Bruster’s leadership requires applicants to meet the following criteria:

  • Must possess and enjoy sharing a healthy smile

  • Must believe in teamwork and customer service

  • Must want to work in a fun atmosphere

Should Teenagers Work? Pros and Cons

If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager, you may be wondering whether it is appropriate for teenagers to work in this day and age. Maybe you’re wondering whether it puts kids at a disadvantage, or you could think the opposite. 

We’d like to clear the air. There is nothing wrong with working as a teenager. That is, as long as the teen in question has the work ethic and personal responsibility needed to work while balancing schoolwork. It’s never a good idea to sacrifice grades for the sake of work, so be sure to work with your boss to get a schedule that fits your student lifestyle.


Having a job as a teen can offer the following benefits:

  • By working at a young age, you can get exposed to new perspectives on life. Through those new experiences, your own perspective will be enhanced. 

  • Getting a job is a significant milestone in life. By achieving it, teenagers can take another step toward adulthood. 

  • Developing a strong sense of personal responsibility can help teenagers find balance and success in their adult lives. As they stay on top of their job duties and schoolwork, they should gain confidence in their ability to take responsibility for more complex problems. 

  • Working with different people can also expose teenagers to more diversity. As they work with people from varying backgrounds, they can get to know their culture and identity more closely. 


Working isn’t always ideal. Here are some downsides to having a job as a teenager:

  • Some teens prefer to spend their time having fun or pursuing their individual interests. A job may eat into this time, which could become problematic. 

  • Working in a fast-paced restaurant environment can easily become stressful or overwhelming. Teenagers who choose to work at Baskin Robbins should be prepared to deal with customer issues and other stressful situations. 

  • If you don’t stay on top of your schoolwork, your grades may suffer. Remember your priorities and find balance when you find your first job. 

The Benefits Of Working At Bruster’s

A job at Bruster’s isn’t right for everyone, but if you’ve made it this far in the article, we’re sure you’re excited to learn more about the benefits. While Bruster’s doesn’t offer part-time employees many of the benefits you would find through full-time employment, there are still many benefits to working at this company. 

These are the benefits of working at Bruster’s:

Fun, diverse work environment

Bruster’s cares about diversity and inclusion. Their leadership strives to hire people from all backgrounds, so you can expect to meet people from varying cultures. This can be an eye-opening experience that allows teenagers to expand their understanding of the world around them. 

You can find new friends

When working at Bruster’s you won’t be under pressure to work too hard. It is a casual, light-pace job that only picks up during busy hours. While you may be overwhelmed at times, there will also be lulls where you have time to chat with your colleagues. During this time, you can build bonds that may last into your adult years. 

Develop communication skills

In order to effectively collaborate with a team, workers must learn how to communicate properly. This involves listening and articulating their thoughts. By working for Bruster’s, teenagers can enhance their ability to engage with other people in a work environment. These skills can be valuable in many ways, especially in the professional world. 

Learn about customer relations

Customer service is a common starting point for most first-time workers. As you work at Bruster’s, you’ll have hands-on experience with providing customers with exceptional service. As you become better at the job, you also become a more valuable candidate for customer service jobs. If you work at Bruster’s for a few years, you may even reach a point where you are qualified for a leadership position.

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