Benefits Specialist - Interview Questions

Benefits Specialist interview questions

Tips for a Benefits Specialist interview

Plan The Outfit You Will Wear To The Interview Beforehand

You can never be too prepared. Planning your outfit the night before can help you save time to arrive punctually and take this added stress away since most people are very nervous before an interview. Also, if you are in contact with the recruiter, ask them what the general dress code is to dress accordingly. If you are unable to ask anyone, then research a bit about the company so you can get a vague idea of what kind of attire would be appropriate.

Bring along a notebook, pen, and several copies of your resume

You should have at minimum five copies of your resume printed on neat paper, just in case you have multiple interviewers. You can also highlight accomplishments you would like to specifically discuss so you can bring them up and refer to them quickly.
The reason for bringing a notebook is to take notes. Please don’t take those on any electronic device, as it shows that you are taking this interview seriously. Plus, you can quickly look back at the details you have noted down later on. Also, make sure you do not just keep looking down on your notepad and maintain as much eye contact as you possibly can.

Plan to arrive at least ten minutes before time

Make sure that you look at the route you will take to the interview location beforehand so you arrive right on time. You could also do a practice run if you have the opportunity and time. If you are taking public transport, make sure you have a plan B in place in case of closures or delays. Arriving early gives a great impression to your potential employers and allows you to observe the dynamics of the workplace more closely.
If the interview is online, make sure to log in earlier than the given time of the interview because you don’t want to make a bad impression due to last-minute glitches. Also, check that your internet connection is sound and you know how to use the platform where the interview will happen.

Focus on your body language and mind your manners

This goes without saying, but it is pretty easy to come off as rude in the throes of nervousness. Make sure your body language exudes confidence as soon as you walk into the building. Stand and sit tall, making sure your back is straight and shoulders back.
Focus on your breathing and take deep breathes before the interview so that you can shake off the anxiety you are feeling and regain confidence. Usually, the discussion is initiated by the handshake, so wait for it. Look engaged, look them in the eyes and make sure to smile. Your handshake should be firm but also not so strong that their hand gets crushed.