Cashier - Resumes

Build a great Cashier resume

Learn how to stand out in your application

Not sure how to write a professional-looking resumé when applying for the job of a cashier? Worried that you don't have any accomplishments to put on there?

Don't worry; we'll help you figure out how to present your background and skills in the best possible light. 

The first section highlights:

  • Structure of the cashier’s resume template

  • Cashiers’ job description and responsibilities

  • Best way to mention the candidate’s education and experience

The second section highlights:

  • Best ways to write about the candidate’s abilities as a cashier

  • Examples of good and bad cashier resume

  • Writing a compelling career objective

Structure Your Cashier Resume Template

Before you start writing your resume, it is advisable to follow a particular format. 

The most common resume format that most cashiers follow is the reverse-chronological format. In this format, all your latest work and achievements go at the top, so they catch your recruiter's eye. It is also helpful for people who have a lot of work experience and want their recruiters to only focus on the experience relevant to the job. 

The main sections that you should highlight in your cashier resume are as follows: 

  • Work Experience

  • Education

  • Skills/Achievements

  • Contact Information

A Cashier’s Job Description 

With a comprehensive knowledge of a cashier's job role and responsibilities, you can tailor your resume to include your previous working experience. First, you need to understand what the employer is looking for and whether there are any specific requirements, skills, or necessary education required for the job. 

For example, a cashier's main job is to assist customers during their checkout process. Their primary duties include checking price tags, ringing up sales, entering product information on the computer, collecting cash payments, giving back the appropriate change, greeting customers on the counter, etc.

So to craft a resume for a cashier’s position, you should tailor your resume in a way that shows how well you can perform these responsibilities. If you worked as a customer service representative or a salesperson before, highlighting your experience in dealing with people or checking for product availability would be a good way to show how well you could take up a cashier’s job. 

Cashiers are also responsible for maintaining receipts, organizing cash records, and reporting when a particular product is low in stock, so keep these responsibilities in mind when creating your CV. 

A successful candidate will know how to achieve customer satisfaction while also keeping the company's revenue goals in mind. You need to take the following responsibilities into account while creating your cashier resume.


  • Handles cash and credit from customers

  • Scans products 

  • Ensure pricing is correct 

  • Recommend complementary products, cross-sell products and make referrals 

  • Resolve customer queries

  • Answer customers' questions and provide them with relevant information

  • Manage and organize the cash drawers and ensure that there is no discrepancy at the end of the month

  • Categorize and bag hard and soft items separately 

  • Greet customers when they enter or exit


Most commonly, cashiers are required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent and approximate 0-2 years of experience in any related field. Individuals must also be knowledgeable about common market concepts, procedures, and etiquettes. 

Becoming a cashier is a popular gig among recent high school graduates or current students looking for part-time work. It may be challenging to write a resume without prior professional experience. Still, it is necessary if you want that job. 

If you have the tiniest bit of experience working anywhere, use some of the resume real estate to flaunt it. Always start with your work experience first. However, if you are an entry-level cashier, make sure you have a solid educational section to boast.

Here are a few things to emphasize on your education section as a student:

  • Start by declaring the subjects you're currently studying, especially if it's related to the position you've applied for

  • If you have a GPA above 3.0, list it to show your academic proficiency

  • Include any clubs that you're a part of, especially if you hold a leadership position. This will demonstrate your ability to lead a team

  • You can also add any skills and achievements that demonstrate leadership skills, critical thinking, or teamwork

Your resume can reflect the kind of person you are, and it tells your hiring managers all they need to know about your values.

What To Write About Your Abilities As A Cashier?

There are a few important things to keep in mind when writing your cashier resume: 

  1. Highlighting skills learned and practiced as a cashier

  2. Action verbs to use 

Make sure you focus on the following cashier skills on your resume:

  • Time management

  • Basic math Skills

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Skilled oral and written communication skills 

  • Data management 

  • Proficient in MS Office

  • Efficiency 

  • Flexibility

  • Ability to take criticism 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Attention to detail

  • Sales management

  • Friendliness

  • Customer service 

  • Teamwork 

  • Ability to rely on instructions

  • Optimist attitude 

  • Punctuality

  • Aptitude for taking orders

  • Ability to abide by pre-established guidelines

You'll be working in high-pressure situations as a cashier. Your everyday responsibilities will involve dealing with disgruntled customers, frustrated managers, unruly kids, and more. 

Demonstrate your ability to handle all that stress by using strategic action verbs that give hiring managers a mental picture of your skill-set. For example: Instead of writing "I help customers," you can say ", I assist the customer in making transactions." 

Some other action verbs include:

  • Arrange

  • Collaborate

  • Organize 

  • Calculate

  • Greet

  • Count

  • Resolve

  • Ring

  • Stock

  • Tag

  • Maintain

  • Recommend

If you have more than one job experience to write about, make clear, defined sections for each job and highlight the name and the role in the beginning before offering any details about it.