Receptionist - Interview Questions

Receptionist interview questions

Tips for a Receptionist interview

Receptionists are the backbone of any busy office. They’re typically the first person any visitor interacts with, and they juggle countless tasks that help the office (and its executives) maintain efficiency. 

Did you receive a callback for a receptionist position? Congratulations! Check out our list of common receptionist interview questions to help you prepare for the interview. Be sure to also read our interview preparation tips so that you’re nothing but confident come interview day! 

Research the position and company

Always research the position you’re applying for, no matter the job. Doing your research ahead of time will not only help your confidence, but it’ll also show an employer that you care about the position. You’ve taken the time to do your homework!

Look at how your skills translate to the job requirements

Very important, especially if you’ve never been a receptionist before. Make a list of your top skills, and then see how they fit into the receptionist role. Doing this will help you pepper your answers to the above questions with past experiences. Also, consider recruiting a friend or family member to do a mock interview with you so that you can practice answering questions.

Write down any questions you have

Come up with a few questions that you have about the position, company, etc. You may even consider asking the employer about themselves. How long have they worked for the company? What do they like most about working there? Or call up a question based on some of the research you did. It’ll go a long way in showing the employer the work you’ve already put into understanding the job, even before getting hired.

Dress professionally

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway): Look the part to get the part. Always dress appropriately for an interview, even if it’s virtual. Check out our post, What To Wear To Your Job Interview, for more tips!