12 companies offering employee discounts during the holidays

Would an employee discount come in handy during the holiday shopping season? We thought so.

 Here are 12 companies that offer employee discounts, including to hourly workers. 

Department stores

Finding a seasonal retail job at a department store that offers an employee discount is a great way to save a bundle on your holiday shopping. You can find gifts for everyone on your list, since these stores tend to carry a wide variety of products.

Macy’s (discount extends to other brands owned by Macy’s, like Bloomingdale’s)



Sporting goods stores

Is your family really into the great outdoors or team sports? Or maybe you just look fantastic in hiking gear? A seasonal job at a sporting goods store might be just the ticket to scoring an employee discount you’ll really appreciate.

Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Under Armour


You have to stock up on food during the holidays. With holiday meals costing an estimated 13.5% more this year, wouldn’t it be great to take how some discounted groceries along with your weekly paycheck?


Giant Food

Whole Foods


While many gas stations offer hourly employees discounts on merchandise at their convenience stores, you’ll also find a nice discount on gas. That will make it easier to get to and from work for the holidays!

Cumberland Farms 

Other Shopping

Plus check out these other businesses that have the holiday spirit and want to share the joy with employees.





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