5 best winter seasonal jobs

Amy Culver |
Amy is our Lead Copywriter at Snagajob, where she loves to use her word nerd powers to help workers and employers connect. Her first hourly job was as a cashier at Chick-fil-a.

The snow is on the ground and opportunity abounds! 

Well, maybe you don’t get snow for the winter, but you can certainly roll in something green this winter—cold, hard cash earned at a seasonal job. 

Work full-time or part-time to beef up your bank account in time for the new year. 

The holidays are a time of fun and cheer. They also happen to be a time when people want to do more activities, like shopping and dining, with their families. 

Ho Ho Ho, Roll in the Dough

Companies have a huge demand for seasonal employees to help during the cool months of the year. If you have extra time on your hands, consider picking up a shift at these five seasonal jobs for the winter. 

1. Halloween haunted houses

Okay, so Halloween is technically in the fall, but we had to mention haunted houses. If you have a background in theater, haunted houses are the perfect seasonal gig for you. 

Haunted houses need makeup artists, actors, special effects technicians and more to spook people in search of thrills. It's a great way to earn extra money and have loads of fun on the job. 

2. Be a Santa

Santa is a very popular dude this time of year. When department stores and malls can’t book the real Santa (wink wink), they enlist volunteer Santas to pick up the slack. 

Now, you probably don’t have a long white beard, but that’s not necessary. Your employer will provide all the costuming you need to greet little ones. 

As a Santa, you’ll mostly sit and take photos with little kids (and the occasional dog or cat from dedicated pet parents). This is the perfect part-time winter gig for people who love to be around others, especially little kids. 

3. Social media management

There are plenty of popup shops that are only open during the holiday season. For example, there might be a temporary Christmas-themed market that’s only open for a month. Businesses like this need help getting the word out to draw a crowd. 

Scope out local holiday events and ask if they need help managing their social media presence. 

You can do remote seasonal employment for this gig, updating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more to build buzz around the seasonal event. 

4. Ski resort

When there’s snow on the ground, people want to ski. Understandably, ski resorts are busier in the winter when there’s snow, and they’re looking for help around the resort to take care of guests. 

Be a waiter, janitor, trail guide, coach and more. Resorts are like miniature cities on the side of a mountain and they have plenty of part-time, seasonal job opportunities. 

5. Sales associate

The cold weather means that the holidays are fast approaching. Excited shoppers use Black Friday sales to stock up on gifts before December, but stores need your help. 

Stores like Macy’s get a glut of shoppers during the holiday season. They need seasonal help with stocking, running the cash registers and customer returns. 

The bottom line

Brave the cold this winter to grow your savings account. Whether you’re saving for the holidays or paying your way through school, winter seasonal jobs will get you to your goal in no time. 

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