Customer Service Representative - Interview Questions

Customer Service Representative interview questions

Tips for a Customer Service Representative interview

Have an upcoming interview for a customer service position? Great! No matter the company, chances are you’ll be asked a few familiar questions. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a list of common customer service interview questions and tips for answering them, along with some advice for preparing to excel on interview day.

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1. Research the company and job position

We can provide you with all of the customer service job interview questions in the world, but succeeding in the interview also takes some effort on your part. Do yourself a favor and research the company and job position beforehand. It’ll give you more to talk about and, at the end of the interview, potential questions to ask the employer. 

2. Consider how your skills relate to the job requirements

Read through the position’s job requirements. Then, ask yourself: What skills do I have that translate to this position? You might want to make a T-chart on a piece of paper. Label one side Job Requirements and the other My Skills. Fill out the chart so that you can see for yourself how your skills fit the job. 

3. Practice answering customer service interview questions

We’ve supplied you with customer service interview questions so that you can practice answering them! For real. Have a friend or family member act as the “employer” and conduct a mock interview. You’ll thank yourself when you nail the real thing!

4. Prepare questions of your own

Always prepare a couple of follow-up questions of your own. These can be about the company, the hiring process, job requirements, etc. They’ll go a long way in showing the employer that you’re invested in the position (and provide you with important information, of course!). 

5. Dress professionally for the interview

Last but certainly not least, dress appropriately for your interview! Even if it’s virtual, you want to make a good impression on your potential employer. Jeans and a t-shirt won’t cut it. And ‘overdressing’ isn’t something you should worry about – professional attire just proves how much you care.