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Tips for landing a job

What’s the Difference Between Entry Level vs. Associate Level?

This article touches on all aspects of an entry-level job versus an associate-level job.

Katy Boyles |

20 Jobs for People Who Enjoy Children

So, if you’re looking for a career that will allow you to make a positive impact on a child’s life, then check out these career opportunities!

Katy Boyles |

Interview Nerves? 5 Great Tips (Not 27 Lame Ones) To Tame Your Butterflies

Interviews can be nerve-racking. But they don't have to be. Here are 5 tips to put your mind at ease and nail that interview.

Darrell Jones |

How to Answer “Tell Me About a Time You Went Above and Beyond”

Here’s how to tackle that common interview question along with deeper insight to help you ace your job interview.

Katy Boyles |

50 an Hour Is How Much a Year?

So if you're wondering $50 an hour is how much a year, we'll walk you through the calculations.

Katy Boyles |

Why Writing Skills Are Important for Your Career and How You Can Improve Them

Writing is one of the most critical yet underrated skills as far as job hunting is concerned. Other than conveying a particular message clearly, good writing also creates a certain impression about you or the entity you represent.

Katy Boyles |

How to Answer, “Why Are You a Great Match for This Role?”

In this blog post we will be talking about how to answer the interview question, “Why Are You a Great Match for This Role?”

Katy Boyles |

Jobs That Pay $25 An Hour or More

If you're looking for jobs that pay $25 an hour or more, you'll be glad to discover that you've got so many options to choose from.

Katy Boyles |

Can an Employer Disclose That You Were Fired?

In this article, we'll answer the question: can a previous employer disclose why you were fired? In addition, we'll share a few tips to help you prepare for your next job interview even if you were fired from your last job.

Katy Boyles |

Top 15 Entry-Level Jobs That Pay Well for 2022

There's a common myth that entry-level jobs don't pay well. But the fact that you don't have much experience doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get a high-paying job.

Katy Boyles |

What's the Difference Between Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant

A nurse care practitioner and a physician assistant share one major similarity; both are healthcare providers and work in similar environments. However, these two professionals differ from each other in so many ways.

Katy Boyles |

Highest Paying Jobs in Retail

Thinking of a career in retail but aren't sure where to start? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll discuss some of the highest paying retail jobs in 2022.

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