Hourly Hiring Trends

Is your job sector the rage among holiday job seekers?

See which industries are attracting the most attention this season from hourly workers

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2 keys to holiday hiring: Gig workers and flexible Shifts

Bringing a true “gig” attitude to holiday work, Shifts by Snagajob workers are ideal for seasonal staffing.

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#1 benefit holiday job seekers are looking for?

Explore which perk 74% of active hourly workers want in a holiday job

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3 top things workers look for in a holiday job post

To attract holiday helpers, it’s critical to highlight the details they’re looking for most.

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View our OnDemand webinar on the how (and why) of Disability Inclusion

Discover the business (and community-wide) benefits of creating an inclusive culture

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Find holiday workers now looking for a second job

Just-released survey reveals which workers seek extra hours outside of a primary job

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Why now (not later) is the right time to find holiday helpers

Don’t wait or you’ll miss out. 93% of holiday job seekers are already looking for an open position.

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View pay expectations of hourly holiday workers

Broken down by specific job sectors, see how much money seasonal helpers are hoping to earn per hour in 2022.

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Job seekers remain engaged, as the labor market cools ever-so-slightly

Hourly Hiring Report 10/12/2022

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Report shows why hourly workers want more hours. Especially during the holidays.

New Holiday Hiring Report 2022 explains why 57% of workers are now looking for a holiday job.

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How to find the 57% of hourly workers now looking for holiday jobs

New research shows why a majority of hourly workers are hungry for some extra cash this holiday season

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Inflation has hourly workers eager to find holiday jobs

New research shows why 25% of hourly workers have now taken on multiple jobs

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